THE EVENT: My Shawl Dawls Soiree

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of hosting a Shawl Soiree for my friends at my house.  Taniya (We all call her Tani) from Shawl Dawls was in town and offered me the chance to host a fun mimosa filled event for my friends and blogger buddies.  Shawl Dawls is a LA-based company that has really taken off.  Their shawls come in 8 different styles, but each style can be worn 15 different ways.  They are one-size fits all and the perfect adder to any outfit. I love them, and was more than willing to open the doors to the world of shawls for my friends while Tani was in town.  Tani was in town from LA to visit clients in Dallas and potential clients in Houston, and I'm happy I had the chance to meet her in person! Shawls are no longer for grannies and cat-ladies! My roommate and I got the house ready for guests and helped Tani set up. 


After we were done stuffing our faces with yummy food and perfect mimosas Tani went on to show us how the shawls work and how they can be styled in all 15 ways and more.  I think we all fell instantly in love with them!

After Tani's demonstration we practically tripped over each other to get to the rack of shawls first.  Trying them on and testing out different styles was really fun! I think most of left with a purchase of one or two.  I left wth 3 shawls but in my defense I received one for free for hosting!


Shawl Dawls will hopefully be coming to boutiques near you soon, but in the meantime you can check out and order shawls on their site, and be sure to check them out on all of their social media outlets:
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Cheers! Amy and I enjoying our champagne after all the hardwork of trying on shawls!

Tani "Dawl" and I!

The 3 shawls I purchased: Oatmeal, Lace and Snakeskin
One of the ways to style the shawls is called the Jedi. Amy and I LOVE Star Wars so we had to get a Jedi pic!

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