PRODUCT REVIEW: My Week with a Chevy Spark

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Y'all may remember my blog post HERE on The Color Run dinner that I attended last year?  The Chevy Spark is the official sponsor of The Color Run, and GM gave us an opportunity to drive the Spark for a week.  I had a similar experience with GM last February when they gave me a Cadillac Escalade to drive for a week. That time it was a huge car, and this time it was a mini! They delivered the Spark to me at my job, which was nice, so that I didn't have to miss work to pick it up.  I was curious what color I would receive, as The Spark comes in 8 different colors.  The winning color was Denim! Perfect color and name for a fashion blogger don't you think? 

For my photo op with The Spark, I chose to go to one of my favorite spots in Houston, The David Adickes SculptureWorx Studio.  David and his team make all of the cool larger than life President Sculptures around our city, and this is where they are made.  Upon our arrival to the studio, they added this awesome We Heart Houston sculpture. I don't know if this was a permanent display for the studio or it will be shipped out somewhere, but while it was there it was the PERFECT backdrop to the colorful Chevy Spark. 

So I'll start off with the pros of this car.  The Chevy Spark is a very economical (budget-friendly) car. It's fun to drive and comes in fun colors.  It gets 38 mpg highway and I can finally park in all those "Compact Cars" only spaces! I loved the design of it, with the cute back doors, and the dashboard, and the steering wheel design. I like that it had a digital consol, and it's a nice looking car. It's great to drive a mini-car around! You can do all kinds of things with it that you can't do with a monstrous vehicle.  I was able to whip in and out of parking spaces, cut through tight spaces, and just feel really adorable in my little Sparky.  I named the car Sparky (Lots of creativity there right?). 

As far as cons, I wasn't a fan of the A.C. system. I don't know if it was just this particular car or if this model has the issue throughout, but it seemed that at a red-light, or any driving less than 30 mph the AC pumped out warm air instead of cool. Living in hotter, than hot Houston, Texas, lack of A.C. is not an option.  It could have used a better sound system, but I'm sure the option to upgrade the sound system comes if you want to build your own model and at least one more charger dock, but other than those three things, I thought Sparky was a cute ride. It drove well, and for a small car with a small engine, it got up to speed pretty quickly!

The base price for the spark is around $12K. I think fully decked out it's about $15K. Still a great price for a car in this day in age, especially if you aren't all about overpaying for car with similar features.  My spark didn't come with the color panels in the inside, but it's an option to have matching colors inside! 

I want to thank GM and Chevy for this opportunity to drive this car for a week! It was fun, and it's great that they allow us bloggers to test out their rides! 

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