THAT TIME I WAS ON TV: Mirror/Mirror - The Amazing Fashion Race Episode

Monday, March 04, 2013

Y'all may remember my blog post about competing in the Amazing Fashion Race awhile back?? If not you can check out the post here.  LeRenda of Beauty by LeRenda was my partner and we were Team ShaRenda. We were chosen to appear on ABC's television show Mirror/Mirror's competing against the host Rebecca Spera and producer Sabrina Miskelly.  Mirror/Mirror is a television show broadcasted on ABC's Live Well Network.  Over this last weekend and the next few days after that, the tv episodes aired our Fashion Race taping!! I think it's the cutest thing!  Both teams are so cute! It was pretty cool to be on TV like that! I had people texting me and messaging me on facebook "You're on TV" hahaha.  Here's the link to the TV Episode featuring yours truly! I was so spastic, LeRenda definitely kept me calm. It was fun having a TV crew with us all day. I could definitely film my own reality tv show. 

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