TICKET TO THE TENTS: Dennis Basso Fall 2013 Collection

Friday, February 15, 2013

After viewing Dennis Basso’s Fall 2013 Collection, you’ll have two words on your lips: snakeskin and fur.  Dennis Basso, a known couture fur designer, complimented his love of fur pieces with a second love of snakeskin.  Both genuine, Dennis has come under some scrutiny from organizations such as PETA, but regardless of your position on the issue, you can’t deny his talent.

Dennis sent a variety of silhouettes down the runway, but seemed to favor the cinched waist of the popular fit and flare.  There were unique combinations with one sequin gown being paired with an edgy snakeskin coat and striking yellow paired with gray.  98% of Dennis’s collection contained a fur element, whether it was an outer coat or of the trim variety.

As far as color Dennis mostly stayed with earth-tones for the furs and snakeskin and shimmery metallic for the garments.  Pops of colors came in green, yellow & blue.   Most of the collection was in solid colors with prints appearing in a couple of dresses and a pair of pants. A common accessory throughout the collection was opera gloves.  Models were styled with pulled-back ponytails, understated eye makeup and a pop of burgundy on the lips. 


Photo Credit: Melissa Shea (www.fashionmingle.net)
This post is done in partnership with FashionMingle.net

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