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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Photo from Threads Magazine
I've been watching Project Runway forever, through all the regular seasons and All-Stars. I'm now catching up on Season 11, as I missed when it came back on the air.  I miss Michael Kors, but I really like Zac Posen. I think he's to the point and has a great eye...obviously because his own designs are so fab. I may also be a little biased because I met him in person and chatted with him, and he's so nice, and chill. I think he could really give great advice to these designers as he seems eager to share, and a bit sympathetic. Are you guys still watching Project Runway? What do you think of the judges switch-up and the whole season being by teams?  Any feelings on the designers? The first episode was awesome for me featuring both Christian Siriano and Zac Posen! 

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
The Teams: Team "Keepin' it Real" and "The Dream Team"
So in my review of Episode 1: There's No I in Team, I had an favorite garment that I wanted SO badly for myself! It was done by designer Richard Hallmarq, and though his garment didn't win he was in the top 3, and knowing it's my personal favorite is enough!

I love the assymetry of this dress, and the pinched side and the dolman sleeve on the one side. I just love this dress! Great job Richard!

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
Guest Judge for the first episode was none other than Project Runway Winner Christian Siriano.
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
Not really sure how I feel about Heidi's outfit in this scene?
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
Nina & Zac Posen
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
The top 3
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
The bottom 3
Project Runway Season 11 Episode 1 Photos
I know the poor girl ran out of time, but I think I would have rather sent out my model naked then in this mess.  So embarrassing for her...But it's not like they don't know there's time constraints...has she never watched the show before? Apparently the judges didn't like her excuses either and she was the first one to go home...
The winning garment belonged to designer Daniel Esquivel. I liked it, especially the neckline, but I know I would never wear it, but it was very well made, but it was not my favorite. 
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