THE EVENT: GlamShop All-Star Edition

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is my second GlamShop shopping event.  This one was uber-special because it was the all-star edition.  Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives was hosting the event.  I was able to interview her for my blog and Examiner, and I will be posting the interview soon!  The event itself was fun. I liked the location, F Bar. That was my first time at Fbar, and I really liked it's ambience. It might have been a tad too dark inside for the vendors, but it was a nice spot.  They had a cute outdoor section too.  I made my rounds to all the vendors. I left with a few purchases including cute cassette tape earrings and a jade bracelet.  

I really wanted this All-Star edition glam shirt, butttt the ladies' iron broke so she wasn't able to make one for me on the spot :-(

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