VISIT DALLAS PART II: Zaza's Dragonfly & Winston's Supperclub

Friday, December 07, 2012

After dinner it was time to explore the nightlife of Dallas. Veronica took us to Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza Dallas where we met up with the Deputy Chief of Staff Shawn Williams and his wife. There was a lot going on at Zaza, and I can tell it's a happenin' spot in the city. It's right around the corner from McKinny Ave in Midtown Dallas, which is a street full of nice restaurants and bars.  There was a Movember Mustache party going on in one of the banquet rooms, and a private party outside in a tent. We hung out in the main restaurant/bar section of Dragonfly.   I'm a big fan of ZaZa's loving to go to the one in Houston, but there was one negative about this Dallas locale.  At their bar Dragonfly they would not allow Mimi and I to have our "high-caliber" cameras due to the "privacy" of their guests. I find that funny because there were camera phones all over the place and with one click photos could be uploaded to facebook like that, but whatever, we were good sports, checked them in at the concierge and continued to have a good time! :-)

They actually play movies on the side wall of Zaza Dallas

Being goofy with Beauty by LeRenda

Loved these cool lights inside Dragonfly
Would love to eat in this private room the next time I go to Dallas. Looks swank!

I called these "Harry Potter" lights. Don't these look like the floating candles from that one scene in the great hall in one of those HP Movies?

After chillin' at Zaza's Dragonfly for awhile, we headed to Winston's Supperclub. We arrived early in order to mingle with one of the club owners, Adam Cleland. Not only is he one of the owner/operators, but he's also the creative genius behind the decor and ambiance of Winstons and he's super cool.  To chat with him and learn about the idea behind the Supperclub we met in one of their private rooms, which was fabulous in and of itself with a cool silver hand chair, a trapeze swing, and drink glasses in a birdcage. Once we moved on from the fab decor, we chatted with Adam about the club.  They wanted something exclusive, and unique. A club that evoked the cool finds that Adam has found from his world travels.  The Supperclub definitely has European undertones, with the British flag, and busts of mythological gods.  The signature stripes are apart of the most exclusive clubs in Europe.  They even have a chariot that comes out through the night with people wearing the signature "chariot" helmets (Think Ben-Hur).  Currently they are working on remodeling the patio and from what they described, I'll definitely need to return when they relaunch it! There's also a little Clockwork Orange reference with the waitresses and bartenders wearing suspenders, bowler hats, and the moving playing out on the patio.  I think all of us really enjoyed the Supperclub the most, because it was just so unique! My favorite part? The Darth Vader wall lamps! Anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I love Star Wars. 

Adam and his team, which includes Wade Smith (Houston Texan's Linebacker as a business partner) are planning to open a club similar to Winston's in Houston! We can't wait!

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