VISIT DALLAS Part 4: Macys, The Grill, Mavericks, & Synn

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Finishing up my coverage of our Blogger Trip to Dallas we stopped at Northpark Mall where I bought a fun faux vest from their H&M.  Then we headed to Galleria Dallas.  The other Galleria is in Houston and I'm always going to that one, so checking out the Galleria in Dallas was cool. We met up with the marketing directors there, and they escorted us to our VIP standing area for the Macy's Tree Lighting Ceremony.  After we shopped the mall a little bit before dinner at The Grill on the Alley which is also located in Galleria Dallas.  We sat in a private room at the restaurant with yummy appetizers and chatted about our blogs and fashion. I ordered an amazing Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger, but never got to finish it because after the dinner we took our food back to the hotel to change for the Mavericks/Pistons game, but had to relocated due to a Hotel Fire at the Crowne Plaza! Luckily we weren't there when the fire occurred, but arrived after and we had to relocate to the Sheraton. In the drama of going to our rooms to get our stuff, grab our voutures and go to the Sheraton I left the rest of my burger sad! lol 

Macy's Christmas Tree Lighting

The Macy's tree lighting ceremony was fun! I love that kind of stuff. It was about 20 minutes and there were ice skating performances and at the end Santa came out on skates and lit up the tree with pyro! 




We weren't allowed to bring our "nice" cameras into the stadium, so my shots from the suite level of the mavs game.

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Closing out our trip to Dallas we went to Synn's Nightclub VIP Style.  We had a Grey Goose bottle courtesy of the rep for, and had so much fun! 

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