VISIT DALLAS Part 3: Parade, Mi Cocina & West Village

Saturday, December 08, 2012

For Day 2 in Houston some of us woke up early to catch the Children's Medical Center parade right around the corner from our hotel. I have a confession to make! I love parades! I'm like a little kid! I watch parades on tv and when I can catch them in person I do, so this was no exception.  I used to perform in parades with my highschool marching band.  After the parade we headed to the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff.  I really liked this area. It was quaint with cute restaurants and shop and a market.  Mimi bought a vintage Vogue magazine for $6.00! There were definitely fun finds. I bought some headbands from a store called Just Add Jeans. 

Children's Medical Center Parade



After shopping at the Bishop Arts District we went to lunch at Mi Cocina and met Cordey Lash, a fashionisto in the Dallas Fashion Scene and social activist.  I ordered this amazing Shrimp Brochette and tried to kill all of it!! I got full on numerous chips and queso so couldn't finish my meal...I was so sad. After words we walked around West Village. I shopped at my fave store there Accents and then we met up with Veronica's husband Ade and his monster truck.  Ade owns a fitness camp called RockStar Fitness and his truck is a moving advertisement. Of course we had to take pictures in front of the truck!

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  1. I love your are so involved its wonderful to watch! It looks like so much fun.

    Za Lemor


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