THE WISHLIST: Heels & Pumps for Victoria's Secret

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's no secret that I love shoes, having over 170 pairs in my personal collection you would think I wouldn't want any more...wrong! Even though I have shoes I haven't even worn once, or haven't worn MORE than once, I seem to always want more.  The reason I have so many shoes is because I don't really spend a lot on shoes. I buy shoes from places like Payless, Marshall's, Burlington, & Victoria's Secret. Yep that's right Victoria's Secret Shoes. Every time I get one of their shoe catalogs in the mail I start to salivate.  A lot of my boots are from their site.  Recently I was browsing through their website and of course made my every other day stop through their online shoe catalog.  At first I was just looking at boots and then I went into heels and pumps.  Visions of cute dresses and skinny jeans danced in my head as I put together looks in my head with each shoe! Out of 83 picks for heels & pumps here are the ones I liked the best. 

Which pair did you like the best? Do you see any that you would wear for a holiday party or New Year's Eve Bash? Which ones? Tell me in your comments :-)

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