Meeting Fashion Designer Zac Posen

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Completing my week of extraodinary fashion in Houston was meeting designer Zac Posen.  Zac Posen, as you remember from my posts on Fashion Houston was one of the featured designers showing during our Fashion Week.  His collection walked our runway Tuesday night, and Wednesday afternoon he was Neiman Marcus for a personal appearance and trunk show at 1pm.  Of course I just moved my lunch from 12 noon to 1pm.  Sometimes eating has to take a backseat to (just kidding...I ate on the way). Most of the designers from Fashion Houston hosted trunk shows and personal appearances around the city the day after their show, but the designer I had to meet was Zac Posen.  He is just soooo adorable in pictures, and I had to meet him face to face, not to mention I love his designs.  I missed out on the Zac Posen for Target campaign and I missed out on purpose. After the disaster of "sites crashing" and "sold-out items" during the Missoni for Target campaign, I didn't even attempt to buy a ZP for Target item to be left heartbroken and annoyed, so I stayed away. I now feel redeemed since I met the designer himself! ha!   

There was a private lunch with Zac with VIP shoppers of Neiman Marcus. After lunch he helped the shoppers try on his items and place orders and helped style them in his garments.  He was super chill and nice.  I was really nervous going to talk to him. I'm not normally "nerves", but I think I thought he was super cute, and just got nervous like I always do around attractive men!  lolol.  Anyway I got my picture with him and I was talking to him about blogging. I also caught up with Safa, a student into fashion that wants to become a stylist so we were chatting it up while Zac worked the room.  I was just excited to SEE the clothes up close and personal.  Looking at them on the Runway was great, but seeing them up close and all the details was fabulous!

Safa and Model turned Stylist Ursaline

I loved the exterior piping

Safa and Zac
Zac speaking with a client

Talking details
More pictures!

The party's over, but Zac leaves in Style
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  1. Aww Safa and I were just talking about you! We went to high school together, and she was like, do you know Shasie? I love her!! I wish I wasn't at work or I would have come!

    1. Yea she's so cute and nice. We had a fun time chatting at NM and about Zac. I'm hoping she starts a blog and joins our group!

  2. What an amazing post! He is amazing and of course love his gown. Thanks for sharing and I am sure you had a great time covering this event.

    1. Isn't he though? He's so nice and his work is just amazing. It was like another fashion dream come true to meet him! :-)

  3. Love his exit outfit at the end! Great photos, you all look so great!! And what an awesome opportunity for you.


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