PRODUCT REVIEW: Le Metier de Beaute

Monday, November 05, 2012

Last Friday, Taylor, LeRenda and I were invited by the regional director of Le Metier de Beaute to stop by and try out their makeup and beauty lines.  I always tell y'all that I'm not a beauty blogger, but I don't mind dabbling in makeup and talking about it on the blog! Shaun took us on a tour of Le Metier de Beaute which is French for The Craft of Beauty. The name of the line is French, but the products are made in the U.S. They define their line into two groups; color (makeup) and treatment (beauty). The entire line is only 4 years old and started off with the color line and recently added the treatment line to the company a year ago. The company application philosophy is Couche de Couleur - Layer of Color.  I was eager to sit down for my makeup trial, as I showed up makeup-less.
I told Shaun that I have extremely dry skin and so he started my makeup trial with their Replenishing Daily Solution on my face.  He used just a small amount, and it pretty much covered my whole face. I have tried numerous products over the years on my face for moisture, that just don't seem to last. As usual my face soaked it up like a dry sponge, but my goal was to feel moisturized for longer than the first 4 minutes, so that was the test.  
Treatment Products: Revitalizing Day Creme, Rejuventating Anti-Aging Night Creme, Replenishing Daily Solution
Along with the 3 products mentioned above, they have these 3 bottled products:  Daily Renew Cleanser, Daily Refresh Tonic, & Revive Eye Concentrate
One thing I have learned from my interactions with makeup artists and beauty bloggers over the years is that if an artist doesn't first stress the importance of skin/beauty care before trying to sell a bunch of makeup than you're probably getting your makeup done at the wrong place.  Makeup is only one step to looking flawless, but if your skin is having issues, you're only battling half the problem.  I was happy to see that Shaun started my trial off with Le Metier's beauty/skin treatment line. Next we explored the makeup. One thing I loved about the color lines were the packaging. They call their kits kaleidoscopes. Shaun used the first 2 colors of the below lip kit on me.
Kaleidoscope Lip Kit "Breathless"
Back row -  Classic Flawless Liquid foundation
For Foundation he used Shade 11 of the Classic Flawless Liquid Foundation line using their angled foundation brush. He did half of my face first so that I could see the difference in the mirror. I'm not exaggerating, but this was really one of the few times I could see a DEFINITE difference on my face. The foundation side was so smooth and darkspot free, and my other half...welll, let's just say it was "natural" lolol. But i can't even say that because the Foundation side was so smooth and light that it looked natural. It didn't look like I had any foundation on, yet it looked better than the non-covered side. I was eager to have him finish my entire face.  Also he used such a small amount and it covered my whole face. So even though the foundation is around $68.00 it's a good buy because it would last a long time! Especially for someone like me who only wears foundation when I go out for a special occasion. 

Kaleidoscope Face Collections

So there was this perfume display right next to Le Metier and I couldn't help but take a picture of it. I Think I actually like the bottles that perfume comes in more than perfumes themselves. I thought these looked really pretty.
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