THE EVENT: Chevy Spark & The Color Run

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The first event I stopped by on Thursday was an awareness event for the Chevy Spark & The Color Run Chevy invited me to attend a 4-course meal at Houston Restaurant Latin bites to learn about their new mini-car Spark, the official sponsor of The Color Run. Unfortunately due to all the other events I had that night I couldn't stay for dinner :-(, and the tables were set-up soooo nicely.  I loved the little mini car! It was cute, and it comes in a variety of colors. The car that was on display was white, but splatter with color to represent The Color Run. What is the Color Run you ask? I had to ask myself the same thing! The Color Run is a 5K that veers from focusing on speed to having fun with friends and family. Participants show up in all white, and as they run they get blasted with color at different color stations along the walk! At the end everyone is splattered with color. The Color Run is held in different locations across the country and in each area the proceeds go to a local charity. For Houston the benefitting charity was Expedition Balance. Expedition Balance is a nonprofit organization that helps veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Spark itself was pretty fashionable. It comes in 8 colors and one of the colors is even named denim. Some of the other color names are Salsa, Lemonade, & Jalapeno. The accents inside the car are colored to match the outside color of the car, so of course The Color Run car was splattered inside

I like the extra stick out mistaking your speed limit in this car!
Sitting in the front seat.
As with everything else in this modern-day world, almost completely digital
My fashion blogger friend Lynne Gabriel and I posing with The Spark.  Doesn't she match the car? How cute?

Canteen and fun color run bandana

Read enough? I'm outta here! 
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  1. Such a fabulous and fun event girl. You always have the best time and attend so many fab events. So jelly.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thanks Marina! It was a fun event, I wish I could have stayed longer! :-)


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