FASHION HOUSTON 2012: Gemma Kahng & Fotini

Thursday, November 22, 2012

As previously mentioned, Fashion Houston had their share of male and female designers presenting their collections.  Gemma Kahng and Fotini were 2 ladies that came to Houston to share their Spring 2013 collections.

Gemma Kahng
Gemma Kahng is a native of Korea and came to the United States when she was 14. When of age, she attended the Art Institute of Chicago and majored in Fashion Design. In 1990 she launched her own fashion house. I really enjoyed the laser cutouts of her garments and the 3D embellishments from butterflies to flowers.  I also like how she styled her looks for the runway with those cute black hats.

Fotini is a native from the other side of the eastern hemisphere; Greece.  Fotini's background is in marketing and finance, but she chose to follow her love of design to create her own collection.  Her aesthetic is very feminine and she uses very fine fabrics.

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