THE EVENT: Porsche Design Press Breakfast

Saturday, October 13, 2012

According to Porsche, they were the first ones to bring the aviators from aviation to fashion. 
Last week, I attended an exclusive press breakfast for Porsche Design at Houston Galleria Mall. I'm not gonna lie...when I think of Porsche (pronounced Portia) I think of cars. I've walked by this new store more than a few times now, and have been intrigued by what might be inside but didn't have the time to stop. Receiving the invite was great because I could satisfy my curiosity  and satisfied it was!  Talking to one of the corporate managers about the history of the Porsche Design group (which is different than the Porsche division that engineers the cars), I learned so much! And of course it was fun talking to him because of his accent!  The items for sell in a Porsche Design store are not available at Porsche Dealerships and vice versa.  These are unique to fashion lovers, however some of the design in their products are influenced by the engineering behind the cars. From shoes that have similar suspension to the Porsche Carrera to Ink Pens made of flexible, but sturdy metal, there is still the good 'ol Porsche collection.

I'm not gonna lie that the engineering side of my brain was peeking like crazy in talking to the representatives for Porsche Design.  We were chatting about suspension, flexible metal, the design behind the aviators, the streamline of the products and laser cutting...I just thought it was so cool! I'll definitely be stopping in this store more often just to check out what cool things they're coming up with.  I feel like Porsche Design was the perfect combination of engineering, design, & fashion, and that equals ME! 


Taking a picture with the models wearing Porsche Design clothing

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  1. hello dear!!
    great post,thanks for sharing
    Am glad that you like my features
    Have a great weekend

  2. You have opened my eyes to a whole world of porsche design!
    r.a.j.e. X

  3. Porsche is not only cars, so much more. My hubby would love those cufflinks.

  4. I read about that event! Glad I got to peek at it through your post! Hope all is well!


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