PRODUCT REVIEW: MTTheory Sunglasses

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I received these way cool sunglasses from Mat of Mttheory.  Noticing that I like to do reviews of sunglasses on my blog he asked if I would be interested in trying out his shades. Before I accept to do any product review, I research the product to see if it would be something I would buy on a normal basis, and if it aligns with my blog, so I headed on over to their site to check them out.  Right off the bat, I thought his shades were unique with their range of frame and lens colors, and I would totally buy these on my own, so I accepted to review, and he sent me these two from his latest collection: the white upgrades I have on in the pictures above and the below wooden pair.  I decided to try out the white ones first, because they just happened to go well with this outfit that I chose to wear the other day.  
Image of Wood Grain Originals
Wood Grain Originals - $12
I love any pair of sunglasses that hide my eyes, and aside from my new MK aviators, I dd not own any mirrored sunglasses, and actually these are more mirrored than the MK ones, because at certain angles you can still see through the MK ones. I like these ones by Mttheory because you can't see my eyes at all, they 100% reflect.  I also like the extreme contrast between the white and the gold lenses, it's a really cool affect when they are on!


The packaging of the sunnies was very nice. They came in this nice case with a pouch to carry them in. I think this packaging is unique, and I like how it details the type of glasses on the back. The glasses are plastic, which makes them good for wearing and dropping (if you're like me) because they won't break easily.  I appreciate the subtle marking of the logo on the glasses too, so that they don't overwhelm the design of the sunnies.

Don't they look great against my new Michael Kors Handbag? lol

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  1. I love the suglasses!
    thanks for your lovely comment

  2. The sunglasses are awesome, very nice combination of white frame with striped tee and white top.

    1. Aww thanks Anna! I thought they went well together too!

  3. Nice girl you're definitely rocking them.

    <3 Marina


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