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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Speakers at Gamechanger Bootcamp
On October 20th, I'll be speaking at the Women Are Gamechangers Bootcamp hosted by Vernetta & Valencia Freeney of Women Are Gamechangers.  This will be my first time speaking in public on the topic of blogging. I've spoken in public before at conferences and conventions but it was always related to my day job of engineering.  I'm super excited for this opportunity, but nervous at the same time! I hope my speech will help those that attend, and that they will learn a lot!  I first became a gamechanger back in November 2011, when Vernetta reached out to me via twitter.  She had took notice of my blog after I had covered Shunte Davis's Cupcakes & Cocktail Event benefitting Breast Cancer Research.  I became her gamechanger of the week on November 7th (view feature here). Since then I have written a few guest posts on her blog, and featured Vernetta on my site.  When she asked me to be one of her speakers at the bootcamp, I was very flattered, and gladly accepted.  Now I'd like to share this opportunity with you to attend and hear me, Vernetta, and a host of other lovely gamechanger speakers.

WAGC Bootcamp

The bootcamp is a day long conference for women gamechangers. We will educate, equip and empower you to use social media to help you grow your business and establish and grow online relationships. 5 dyanamic speakers will be on hand to give you practical techniques and strategies to help you navigate social media. No need to feel over whelmed. We’re here to help you structure your online social media strategy. I'm offering 10 of my readers the chance to attend this boot camp at a discount rate. 

To receive the discount code
1. Like my page on Facebook (if you already liked it you are good to go)

2. Comment on this post with your Facebook name used to like my page and your email so that I can email you the discount code to purchase your ticket. 

Check out my Gamechanger Video

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