THE INTERVIEW: Jerri Moore - Fashion Designer

Monday, October 29, 2012

Meeting Jerri Moore at Fashion Houston 2012 Preview Party
Fashion Houston is just around the corner, and will be a WEEK to remember! This is Fashion Houston's 3rd year, and it's the biggest week of Fashion in our lovely city of Houston.  Not only does it bring in big names from around the world, but features prominent Houston Fashion Designers.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jerri Moore for my blog.  Listen to my interview with Jerri Moore on my you-tube clip below.

When did you first know that you wanted to become a Fashion designer?
I have loved fashion all my life...When I was really little 5/6 I was a tomboy. My brother is one year older than me and we were inseparable. I wanted to be just like so I wore jeans and cowboy boots and t shirts everyday. It wasn't until the 6th grade where I met my best friend and who I'm still best friends with today and she was a girlie girl. And she used to wear these Lacoste alligator dresses to school. She kind of introduced me to being a little bit more feminine and a little bit more since about 6th grade I've always been a lover of fashion, and I've always had my own style.

Did you ever consider any other careers outside of Fashion Designer? ....Took a step back to raise kids, and did all the mom stuff while they were in middle school and high school. Towards both of their senior year I decided to tap into some things that sparked my passion and made me tick. Those things are fashion and film. I've always love acting. I started taking acting classes at the age of 40 and I got an agent did a bunch of commercials and little film things. Then I started producing film, the whole time still loving fashion.  It wasn't until 2.5 years ago that I really started taking my designing seriously. I started designing as a need for myself. I didn't set out to have a company or think about selling my designs to stores. It started out as a simple concept as a need for herself, because I was invited to black-tie events and charity events as I was out shopping I couldn't really find exactly what I wanted, so I started drawing waht I wanted and then had people make that. And as I was out at certain parties, people would see what I had one and would ask me "where did you get that?". It happened enough that I thought this is something I should be doing.  I took a leap of faith, put both feet in, and started building the brand slowly.

Do you still do anything with film or are you 100% into fashion? I just produced 2 movies this year.  If there were any year that would be the most important for me creatively it's this year. This is the one year that I'm able to meld the fashion and film together.  I have 2 movies that are slated to premiere at Sundance...

This is a tough business, any business that you're in creatively you're  very vulnerable. You kind of show who you are. You're a little bit naked to the world. You just have to stay true to who you are. I really tried to do that. I was in a meeting today and I was with a stylist who's gonna help consult me for Fashion Houston. She looked at my sketches of my new collection for the first time. She closed the book and said this is like a better version of who you are.  You stuck to Jerri Moore. She said if I looked at this collection out of a bunch of other collections I would know that this is Jerri Moore.  That was the greatest compliment to me because that means that I'm staying true to who I am and I can't ask for anymore than that. There are so many influences out there, and I think I'm comfortable enough in my designs that I know what I like, and I know what's me, what's Jerri Moore.

How would you describe your overall aesthetic? If someone were to look and put all my sketches on the table. My designs are very feminine, flowy, and elegant  but yet they make a statement.  When I design for myself, I do special occasion wear. When you are dressing up for a special occasion you want to be noticed. You want to feel beautiful and make a statement.

Describe your client? When I first started off, my demographic is 25-65, and no it's really not.  You want for a lot of women to like your stuff.  Really my shopper is myself.  I think it's really  any woman from mid to late 30s to mid 60s, but if I was gonna zero in on that, I'd say women in their 40s and 50s are my best buyers.
Let's talk about your Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, I read it's Gatsby Inspired? It's so funny because When I heard that they were going to remake the movie I thought OMG, that's one of my all-time favorites, I love that style. That was my inspiration. As I moved along, it was very interesting how it changed a little bit. My oldest son got engaged this year, and so I started looking at lots of wedding stuff, so then Great Gatsby then transitioned into feminine and elegant, but still had a little bit of the gatsby influence. It's kind of Gatsby/elegant/romantic. It was interesting to me how it transitioned. One word for the collection would be elegant.
Who are your favorite designers? I love Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Monique Lhullier, Jenni Peckham, & I love Carolina Herrera. What's the reason behind your choices? I think that if I was not a designer myself I would be drawn to their designs. I love their style, I love what they do. I love the materials they use, the fabric, again they are feminine. One thing I love about Prabal Gurung is he's different. He has an amazing mind and he's fresh.

You debuted your first collection last year, so how exciting is it to come back this year, to be asked back to Fashion Houston 2012? It's an honor to be asked back, because you don't know. They only have 4 designers a night. There are lots of designers to pick from. I'm just very honored and the support, the local support that I have felt is amazing.  I'm a 3rd generation Houstonian. I feel very loved.  It makes me feel very honored.

For more of my interview with Jerri Moore check out the full interview on my youtube channel: Livelifeinstyleblog

*photos used with permission from Jerri Moore*

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