THE EVENT: Hermes Festival of Craft Part I

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometime last week, I stopped by the Hermes Artisan tour. I have to say that it was one of the most amazing fashion things I've ever visited. I literally was there for over 2 hours.  So I first walked into the Hermes store, and saw no artisans working, and stupidly asked "Um did the Artisans leave?" haha. The guy was like, no the event is in the parking lot behind the store, so I hopped on the golf cart and took a ride to the back, to the world of high-end product making.

I love that it was in a tent and really looked like a festival. Each artisan had their own station.  They all spoke French, so each one was assigned a translator, and lucky for them because I had tons of questions and it has been a long time since I've practiced my French (high school). Most people when they think of Hermes, automatically think Birkin.  Birkin bags are THE coveted of coveted handbags...literally.  As mentioned in my Burberry purse, I love high-end items, but I can't afford them, but doesn't mean I can't covet. LOL.  However sometimes the price points on some of these items realllllly baffle me, like....wwwwwhhhhyyyyyy is it so much? After visiting the festival, I have a real, true, SOLID appreciation for the price point on these items.

MAROQUINIER - Leatherworker
It takes 15-20 hours per bag from start to finish.  This artisan started this bag the Wednesday before I stopped by.

REMAILLEUR - Twin-Set Linker
It takes the twin-set linker 8 hours per sweater

This latest bracelet is made of brown diamonds. Each diamond is placed individually in each slot.  He uses a microscope to do it since it's hard to see the grooves without it.  I was able to look through the microscope to see the diamonds.

From start to finish when it comes to a scarf it takes 2 years. That's starting with picking the artwork, defining the colors, creating the stencils, printing, etc.  There's a different stencil for each color on the scarf. The scarf they did during the festival was only 11 colors. The scarf they've done with the most colors was 46 and it's the native american scarf.  They start with the darker colors first and go to the lighter.  It takes 4-5 years for someone to become a printer. The printer at the festival has been with Hermes for 44 years, he started when he was 14, and learned from his father. They make their own colors. For our viewing purposes they are only doing 2 scarves at a time, but at their shop, they do a line of 100 scarves in a row.

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