Thursday, September 20, 2012

I first heard of Shawl Dawls a few months ago when they emailed me about doing a product review on one of their wrap shawls.  I have to admit that every time I hear the word shawl I think of dowdy and old.  And at my age I'm not ready to slip into that category just yet. However, the fact that this shawl could be styled 18 different ways intrigued me, and I so I decided to try it out! As soon as I pulled the shawl out of the package I fell in love with it!  Sleeveless, long, neutral color, sooo many possibilities!  With all of it's fabric there's soooo many ways to mask flawed areas, and and look chic. Even if you aren't trying to hide anything this shawl is definitely fashionista fabulous! This outfit post is the first time I wore this shawl. I decided to test it out at work.  Later that same evening I wore it to a Beauty Event with heels. My co-worker was nice enough to take these photos for me. Be warned there's a lot of photos because I was having a little too much fun posing with this shawl.
Flip Flops: J. Crew (Similar)
Top: Forever 21
Shawl: c/o Shawls Dawls
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Here are the 18 ways to wear this shawl as suggested by Shawls Dawls. I opted for the Cinch, as I'm always trying to accentuate some semblance of an hourglass figure now a days.  I've had this belt for years, but never really found an outfit for it.  So however many years later, along came this shawl and they just melted together! 


Here are some other shawls that I would think of getting from their site, especially since the winter months are coming up

Shawl Dawls White PrintShawl Dawls Red Plaid

Shawl Dawls NavajoShawl Dawls Gray Cheetah

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  1. This looks so cool.

    1. THanks PapS! I love this thing. I'm going to wear it a bunch of times!

  2. there are numerous ways to wear shawls.. u look cool! :)
    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Its OK to laugh sometime

    ~Boomerang Plus

  3. I totally love this... makes me want to buy one like right now haha! Super cute!

    1. I want to buy more for sure!!! I think a heavier wool one would be great for the upcoming Fall/Winter months.

  4. Love this! I'm definitely checking out their website!

    1. Yay! If you get one let me know, so I can see what you got!

  5. What a beautiful shawl and it is so cool that it can be styled in so many ways!

  6. This so cool and it looks like we can styled in many ways! Rocking it girly.

    <3 Marina


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