Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Mod Social, Myself, The Pretty Hippy, and Style For Breakfast
The main purpose of my trip to New York was to attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in Soho.  The first day was last Tuesday and it was held at a really cute conference center on Mercer Street.  Of course with our late night ventures the night before, Lauren and I ended up waking up a "little" late, but we still managed to arrive in time before they were letting all the fashionable bloggers inside.  We also caught up with Houston Fashion Bloggers Ashley & Meghan, who were just in  line one person a head of us. I was so overwhelmed by all the amazing outfits. I wanted everything. I would expect no less from a conference full of fashion bloggers.
With Model & Blogger Coco Rocha

Fashionable Bloggers in line to enter #IFBCON
All of the panels were great, however during the first panel I decided to skip out and get a head start on visiting the vendor booths while all the other bloggers were sitting in the first panel. That was such a great idea because as soon as the first panel let out, the lines at the vendor booths were crazy! I was all done with everything by the time the first panel was done.  I spent most of the time at the panel taking notes, and taking as many shots of everything as possible!  Here are some of the MANY photos I took on day one.


Yay! Finally allowed in!

I jumped right in line to get my nails done next! I love the colors I chose!
Then I headed over to the bare minerals table and had a complete revamp done of my face! My makeup artist was great!
My Makeup Artist and I after he "Did Me Over". Bare Minerals gave us goodie bags with our matching foundation and 2 makeup brushes
I confessed at the Channel 9 shoe confession booth. I confessed that I had way too many shoes to the point that I don't even know what all the shoes I have look like and that I forget them.
Mailchimp had a DIY bedazzle a mailchip T-Shirt
I started off with bedazzling chimpy's mail bag and turning it into a purse

Then you took a picture with the monkey hat on and your finished shirt!

I volunteered my site for the SEO breakout session

Lindsey Calla of Saucie Glossie was the moderator

Bloggers can't be bloggers without their "smart" devices that keep us constantly connected to social media.  Lockerz was kind enough to have a charging station for all of us technical device junkies
Presentation on Stipple - The new way to protect your blog content
Coco Rocha arriving
I got to snag a picture with her as she was coming in
Coco interviewing Derek Blasberg

Coco and Derek

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  1. Wow that looked like an amazing time! I definitely want to make it for a conference one of these days!

    1. If you can, you should definitely go! Not only are the panels great, but connecting with other bloggers is lots of fun also!

  2. Great post!! very complete!! Love the pics, you were stunning, and everybody looks very trendy!
    Kisses dear!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I definitely want to attend a conference next year! I must!

    1. You definitely should! It's worth it, if not just for meeting other bloggers in person!

  4. Great conference recap! I really like your dress!

  5. Hi! Just found our blog and I am loving your style! oh wow, that conference looked amazing, hope to be able to attend someday!!! Happy to have found your blog and to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. Thanks Alice! Glad you like it! I'll stop by your blog soon!


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