IFBCON After-Party at 60 Thompson Hotel

Thursday, September 13, 2012

At the end of the first day of IFBCON, IFB hosted a top-level after party at 60 Thompson Hotel at their Thom Bar. Before heading up to the party, Lauren and I decided to find something to eat, and decided to eat at Kittichai, the Thai restaurant at the bottom of the hotel. It was reallllly fancy and the food was AMAZING! I ordered a crab omelet and some yummy rice mixture.  I'm still thinking about it today. I must return upon my next trip to New York!

Had a cute bar that I wouldn't have minded stopping at, but we had a party to attend
At first glance you think it's a birdcage, but it's actually a fishtank! I loved it!
Ok, after stuffing our faces we headed upstairs to the Thom Bar. We mingled with a few bloggers that were in line waiting to get in, and then we were in! The DJ was playin' some nice jams, and complimentary cocktails were flowin'. I think Lauren and I decided that the drinks were a "little" strong! lol

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