Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Though summer is leaving us, it's not too late to check out some sandal options for the remaining summer days and for summer next year.  I've been checking out the online site for Havaianas.  I've heard of this brand before, and they asked me to look at their site and check out their sandals. For a long time growing up I didn't wear flip thinking about that, I'm not really sure what kind of sandal I was wearing...but the idea of a thong sandal with that piece between my toes seems so uncomfortable, but after trying out my first pair around college time frame, I haven't looked back! Havaianas have a bunch of options if you are in the market for new flip-floppers.  

My picks for the extreme pattern/print lover:

My picks for the solid/neutral lover
Flash Sweet

I might be a little late, but at one point they had these Missoni sandals listed under limited editions. I loved the pattern on those, though they were more expensive than the regular offerings, but totally chic. Definitely make sure that you check out their limited edition offerings, because they'll only be there for a short amount of time!
Missoni Havaianas
Not a fan of flip-flops like my old self? They also have other shoes, or maybe you'd change your mind by making your OWN pair of Havaianas. Yes they have a make your own Havaianas section on their site.

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