WHAT WE WORE: White Linen Nights in the Heights

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hurricane Katrina was a devastating time for all of us, even those of us far away from the epicenter. Many people lost their homes, loved ones, & livelihood.  Wanting to start over, many New Orleans residents moved to the City of Houston and brought with them Nawlin's tradition of White Linen Nights. So how did this tradition come about? Well after asking the google gods:

Before air conditioning, men and women of the past wore white to reflect heat rather than absorb it, starting the tradition of wearing white, men in suits and women in dresses and hats. However with the growth of technology New Orleanians (Is that a word?) were able to wear other colors and remain cool. After the World's Fair arrived in New Orleans in 1984 a renewed interest in art emerged, and local art gallery owners wanted to find a way to keep up this enthusiasm for art.  Mixing the tradition of wearing white and viewing art became White Linen Nights and has been going on for 17 years in Nawlins. In 2006 Houston adopted this tradition with the influx of relocated New Orleans residents e as a result of Katrina and it has been a tradition here ever since. 


Top: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Langford Market
Fascinator Headband: Bedford Falls Headwear
Bracelet: Versona Accessories
Ring: DuO Houston

I've been attending WLNITH every year since my friend Veronica told me about it, and even though it's hot and sweltering (wearing white really doesn't make a difference) I was going to miss it this year.  It's fun because mostly everyone shows up in white of some sort and walks around enjoying live music, art, free drinks & snacks, and shopping discounts.  There's always at least 2 fashion shows for the crowd to enjoy, and tomorrow's post I will feature photos from the Boutique Fashion Show. This is what I wore this year to WLNITH. Check out what I wore previous years HERE.  Tomorrow posts will feature looks from the runway.



I also made sure to catch the way other people chose to wear white to this fun event! Here were some of my faves!
The lovely works at Langford Market Heights! I spun the wheel and won $25 off of $50, but ran out of time to actually shop and use that amazing discount!

Y'all know how I feel about my Grecian-inspired dresses! Love this one, and the back is just too cute with the criss-corss straps!

I love the laxy daisy look of this dress. It's not tight and body clingy, but just soft and looks comfy!

Totally Loved this entire ensemble even up to the necklace. 

Host for the Fashion Show Channel ABC 13's Sonnia. I like the tube top/hi-lo dress and the material looks so comfy. Definitely a great dress to still look cute but be loungey


A lot of ladies still opt for the fastest and easiest way to wear all white which is of course the Little White Dress (LWD). LWDs are of course perfect for summer being light and area and more than likely made up of a light weight material. What was surprising to me is the color that all these ladies paired with their white....brown. I saw so many brown and white pairings it was phenomanal. It's like they all woke up with the same idea...wear white and brown.  Grant it white goes with everything, but maybe brown over black was chosen because it's a dark contrast but not as heavy as black to absorb heat? I'm kicking myself now for not asking passerbyers why they opted for brown, but oh well...

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  1. I love everyone's dresses. You all look lovely.

  2. What an inspiring and touching style inspiration story!!! Thank you for sharing.

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    the personal style and fashion musings of a fearless LA fashion lawyer by day, fierce fashion blogger by night living life in the fab lane.

    1. Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  3. very very cute, I always love your head bands. and that necklace was super cute

    Love Za,


    1. Thanks Za! Yes I'm so obsessed with headwear right now!

  4. Looking very angelical all in white girly. I love this look on you! White definitely suits you.

    <3 Marina
    Enter my GIVEAWAY to Win A Pair of Gorgeous Colorblocking Wedges

    1. Thanks!!! I entered your giveaway! haha, I hope I win!


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