WHAT I WORE: Neutralizing Neon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I guess you could maybe consider this neutralizing neon, but it wasn't planned to be that way when the look was put together. I love this salmon color top that I purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. The color is super pretty and I love the 3d flowers on the neckline. The vest and the pants aren't actually a set, although they sort of look like they are the same color. The vest is darker than the pants, but I paired them together anyway.  Finding clothes that "fit" properly has been a struggle.  These pants are actually "too long" for me (at least in flats), but the next size "average" are too short, and then I need them to be a bit wider at the waistline for my stomach, but they don't really fit well on my hips.  I think this would be an opportunity for tailoring! Something I will definitely be considering if I keep having fit issues with everything. 


Headband: New York & Company
Vest: New York & Company
Slacks: New York & Company
Flats: Lower East Side (Payless)

I think as long as have too long for me pants, I'm best off wearing heels, but sometimes I don't feel like wearing heels to work. Sometimes I just want to stay in flats! lolol

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  1. Love this combination - the stone colour is perfect with the bright coral and the colours really suit you. Looking good girl! Avril xx

  2. That top is cuper cute!! I love that it's belted.

    I am soooo there with you on wearing heels all of the time. Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood, but the length of my pants requires that I do so. I'm 5'3", so it happens to me more often than not. I've used a tailor a few times, and it's quite nice to have pants that fit perfectly. You should try it on one or two pairs.

    1. Yes I definitely want to try some tailoring!!! Lol. I wonder how pricey it is?


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