THE INTERVIEW: Shunte Davis-Philanthropist, Author, Jewelry Designer, Mother & Teacher

Thursday, August 02, 2012

When I first met Shunte Davis last year at her Cupcakes & Cocktails event, I knew I had met a remarkable woman.  Shunte wears many hat, and I thought I was busy! She's a wife, mother, philanthropist, author, teacher, blogger, & jewelry designer.  She has a 3rd baby on the way and has been put on bed rest, but does this slow this mom of 2 down? Nope! If anything Shunte is busier than ever. I was able to grab a few minutes of her time during her All Twisted By Design Trunk Show benefiting Uniform for Kids, last Saturday.

Tell us about your collections that you have for sale today? 
We have a lot of natural stones that we're using, along with different pearl types in this collection, so more beaded materials this time around.

How has your aesthetic changed from the last time that I personally shopped your collection in January at your Total Beauty Ladies Event? 
We are offering more high-end beading material like coral, jade, glass pearls, true pearls, & freshwater pearls. 

How long have you been making jewelry for All Twisted By Design?
We'll be 4 in December, so I've been making jewelry for about 4 years.  In essence all my life. I've always been doing something, making something or creating something. I wasn't the typical kid growing up. I didn't want the baby doll. I wanted the beauticians practice head with the roller set combo, with the scissors, and the flatirons. That's what I asked for, for Christmas. I've always known that I wanted to do some type of business for myself, be an entrepreneur. I just had to figure out which creative role I wanted to do.

Is this your first trunk show, or is this just the first trunk show for this collection?
This is our first trunk show that serves a dual purpose as a mixer for our event in September. We've had private trunk shows before, but decided to do this one to let everyone know about our event in the Fall.

I know you have your annual event, Total Beauty Ladies Event (TBLE) so you're event in the fall is that adding another element to that? How are they connected or are you just adding another great event to the ones you are already doing? 
We had such a great turn out at last year's at Cupcakes and Cocktails, A Girl's Night Out Soiree. Since we had such a great turn out, we wanted to expand and offer at least 2 vendor-based events a year along with other events geared towards All Twisted By Design (ATBD).

How can guests today obtain a ticket to your Fall Fashion Extravangaza in September? 
We're offering a wonderful mixer sale which is if you spend $40 today you get 2 free general admission ticket, or you can purchase a super loaded beauty bag.

What else do you have in store for us today at your trunk show?
Complimentary makeovers from Lamik Beauty and beauty Bags from ATBD. We try and offer something complimentary for the ladies at each event that we do. We also have reduced prices from our online jewelry store, and we are having raffles for super loaded beauty bags.

Where can people find your items if they couldn't make it today and want to purchase jewelry after they see my pictures? 
You can find us at two spots online; our company site which will lead you to our TBLE page. I've created a complete ladies forum on TBLE which serves as an extension on ATBD. It houses our online jewelry boutique, bookstore, event page, list of sponsors, our blog, and any fundraisers that we are doing. If you can't make it to a show to participate as a guest for our fundraisers you can always donate online.

How did you make the decision to benefit the charity Uniforms for Kids? 
Most may know that by day I'm a grade school teacher, and last year I had a few homeless students that I taught.  I guess that was a shock for me...You hurt with the kids, because they come to school without a lot of confidence, but as an adult you have to put on that strong face to motivate them.  To encourage them that they can make it through, to keep on what they are doing by getting an education, and that they can make a better way for themselves in the end and benefit their families.  With all of that being said I went out and purchased school uniforms for them with my tax refund money. But there's only so much I can do on my own, with 2 kids, a husband and a baby on the way. I figured the best way to help is to get everyone on board with what I'm trying to do and then we can make a better impact.

Well you appear to be managing wearing all these hats! I'm assuming you'll be doing the TBLE in 2013?  
We'll actually be able to do it in October in 2013 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

That's great! Shunte, thank you for letting me take up some of your time during this event to interview you for my readers!

Want to learn more about Shunte Davis and her charity events around the city? Check out the following sites:

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  1. Great interview! Wow she sounds like superwoman. So many different hats and she looks quite stylish. I also love the dress you are wearing.

    1. Thanks LV, I know right. Can't keep up with this girl! She does it all!

  2. This was a great interview and I have to say I loved both your dress

  3. you're so lucky you got to interview an amazing woman. great interview, and you have great style. enjoyed browsing your posts... and i just followed you both on google and bloglovin--i would love to stay connected... and keep up the great work! thanks for the inspiration. :)


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