PRODUCT REVIEW: Jamberry Nail Shields

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Alyson of Jamberry Nails to see if I'd be interested in testing out their nail shields products. I've mentioned before on my blog that I'm not much of a "nail" person. I spend so much time on the computer that the polish doesn't last. However, I'm always willing to try out new products that may work better with my lifestyle and having nail applications that last would be great!  Alyson gave me the fun, but overwhelming task of picking out 3 nail shield designs to try out. Overwhelming because as SOON as I went to the site I wanted every single design... Somehow I managed to choose these 3 designs.

I've been kind of obsessed with Chevron lately, especially for my nails (as seen here). I love music and the fact that I would never be able to do an intricate music nail design of my own on my nails had me go for the music notes. And I was feeling very springish and opted for the bright flowers.  I was surprised when the package came with more than just nail shields. Alyson sent everything I would need to apply them, and a nice thank you note for doing the review. :-)

Next I had the hard task of deciding which one to try out first! lol I took a poll on instagram and my followers voted for the music notes, which I admit I was leaning towards also. Alyson said she likes to have different designs because she likes to have different ones on different nails. I think that'd be a cool idea too, but for now I just stuck with getting one design on all 10 fingers. lol The instructions are easy to follow, but just in case you have trouble, there is a tutorial video which Alyson so graciously shared with me, to show you how to do it in detail.  

So I definitely struggled with getting them on! Lol, I kept going back and forth with making the decision to go too wide or too slim for the width of my nail. In hindsight I should have went with too slim on all of them, because the ones that were too wide didn't lay flat and they had a little ripple in them. The ripple was fairly annoying because it kept getting snagged on everything, so if they were too small they would have laid flatter on my nail.  All in all the shields lasted for a long time, minus the sides that got snagged. The reason I like these better than the Sally Hansen Stickers is because they aren't really nail polishes.  They don't have the obnoxious, intoxicating nail polish fumes.  

Jamberry Nails were started by 3 sisters as they state below: 
We created Jamberry Nails to provide a simple way to brighten your day.  We constantly get letters and feedback from customers letting us know how much they love the product and how many compliments they get day after day. We know you'll love the product too and feel great wearing your Nail Shields. You'll also love Jamberry Nails because of how easily they can be applied and how many different looks you can achieve by mixing and matching. Our Nail Shields will give you that high-end salon look in the convenience of your own home.

The finished product
View Alyson's entire list of products here: Some of the other designs that I really liked and want to try in the near future are as follows:


Okay I'm not gonna lie, I wanted all 200 designs! LMAO! I'll definitely be ordering more! Thanks Alyson so much for the introduction to these fun nail products!!! I got so many compliments on them throughout the 2 weeks they were on! Looking to make some extra cash? You can also become a distributor for Jamberry Nails.  You can also host a Jamberry Nails party! 

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  1. Love the idea. This might be perfect for me because nail polishes don't last on me for more than a few days. Love the patterns and choices. You did an amazing review! Thanks shashie :)

    Heel in Mint


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