How do you wear white?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My favorite part of the Boutique Fashion Show during WLNITH was the all-white looks.  Each boutique submitted their take on wearing white for White Linen Nights in the Heights and sent the Page Parkes' Models down the run way looking "fresh to death".  Which of these looks is your favorite? Can you guess mine? Those of you who follow me on facebook and twitter, know which look was my favorite!

My favorite look was the white dress with the 3D flowers on the chest and the black necklace with the T-Straps white heels.  What would you wear for an white linen event? Would you go "all white"? Pair a white top with a dark bottom? Wear cream or off-white? Let me know in your comments!

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  1. Love that first top... amazing!! And I enjoy wearing lots of light layers of white/cream! :)

    1. Nice! I like doing that too. Yes that first top is so cute!


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