THE EVENT: Fashion & Beauty Expo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This past Saturday I attended the Fashion & Beauty Expo held at the Crowne Plaza near Reliant Stadium.  The overall event itself was just okay. I'm not sure if this was their first event or not, but definitely needed some improvement. My suggestions for the PR and owners of the Fashion & Beauty Expo is to work on more publicity, keep their social media outlets that represent the event active with links, and updated information and schedules.  Have schedules online, and try to adhere to the schedule as close as possible throughout the event.  Expos can be come and go traffic, so people may like to come at different times depending on what they are interested in seeing. I would also recommend a better variety of vendors. There were a million jewelry vendors there, and after awhile, to me it all looked the same. So more variety in vendors would REALLY help the event. Also if you have an event from 12-7, I'd recommend offering some sort of drink/food option even if people have to purchase it.  If someone wanted to stay for the entire event to see all the fashion shows and seminars they would become very hungry.

Having that said, there were some aspects of the event that I did enjoy.  I liked finding some unique offerings at the vendor tables.  These bow ties for men were super cute, and I definitely wanted to buy some for myself. Actually I think this is the first time I've been to a shopping/fashion event where there is a vendor strictly there selling men's items.

Some super fun cufflinks

Crochet bathing suit, water goes in and comes right out! lolol

Vendor Setups

DJ spinning some fun toons

Houston Fashion Bloggers, KoutuReign, Women Are Gamechangers & Taylor Brione

Natural Skin & Haircare seminar by Chase Natural

 Mia Arenas Fashion Show, displaying her Solo Mia 2315 White Collection

Definitely loved the back of this dress, the open back and the chain across the back is super nice.

Mia Arenas

I loved the Grecian inspired dresses on the right

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  1. love the tribal bows...seem like a fun experience :)


    1. I know! The bows are super cute! I so would have bought one for myself!

  2. Girl I need to be kicking it with you. Seriously you always go the most amazing events. So fashion. love it.

    <3 Marina

    1. Aww! Well I hope one day we get to hang out in person! We'd have so much fuN!


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