PRODUCT REVIEW: Firmoo Sunglasses

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maybe because it's summertime and everyone is wearing shades, or maybe it's because glasses seem to be attached to all trends nowadays...Whatever the reason, online eyeglass stores are popping up everywhere and it's stiff competition out there. Firmoo,  the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store, contacted me about doing a product review on a pair of frames. I wear glasses, so this was definitely in my range of capability to do! However I could not find my prescription (need to really get a copy of that from the doc) and therefore opted to try out a pair of sunglasses instead. Then I had a hard time choosing which one to try because they were all pretty neat and different compared to your typical run of the mill sunglasses. With the help of my bloggy friend, Imani, I choose the following style shade to try out. I believe this is my first "aviator" style shade.
I wasn't sure at first if the gold bridge didn't make them look old, but the more I looked at them the more I started to love them, and I'm super happy I choose this pair.  Retailing for $40.00 this frame comes in 3 colors, black, gunmetal, and this animal print. My glasses arrived with a hard case, a travel case, lens wipe, and a travel with you eyeglass repair kit.  

But guess what! They are offering a pair of free glasses to all first-time buyers!  They want everyone to experience Firmoo's quality line of products and excellent service.  Plus, it's easy to get your free eyewear, and the delivery is very fasy. Want to receive a pair? Go to to get your free glasses! There's this easy form you fill out, email it to them and within a few days you'll have your glasses. 

They are plastic, and I was used to my metal frames, but the good thing about plastic is they'll probably not break as quickly

I have to say that purchasing glasses online is not something I've considered doing.  I like to try mine on in a store and see what they look like, but Firmoo has you covered with their virtual try on feature. You can upload your picture and try on different frame sizes and styles.  They also provide in depth information on the dimensions of your glasses.
Side Arm View
Frontal View
From the inside
All in all, I'll definitely be wearing these glasses a lot this summer! They are fun, and I was very impressed with my experience with firmoo.  For more information on Firmoo check them out on the following social media sites

*This post contains c/o sunglasses from Firmoo for a product review. No money was provided for this review and all opinions are 100% my own*

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  2. really nice sunglasses

    you look pretty

  3. so marvelous!

  4. Love this sunnies!!
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  5. I love these glasses on you! very chic! : )

  6. Replies
    1. I like that everyone calls them sunnies...I've never done that! I like that term!

  7. Cute sunnies!

    Nique {}

  8. Those glasses are CHIC girlie!! :D I love the clearness of your camera--AWEsome! <3

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