RECAP: My Meetup with Garnier & Giveaway Winners

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yesterday I hosted my meetup with Garnier that I've been talking about for the past few weeks! I had such a great time with the reps of Garnier and my friends that came out to enjoy in the festivities.  In typical Houston fashion it decided to rain on my outdoor event causing a few people not to come, but those that were brave enough to still come out were rewarded as the rain lifted around 2:30 and we continued to have a great time! Below I have a video with all the photos I took during the meetup! Stay tuned because tomorrow I will have a post up with my interview with Garnier Spokesperson Holly Crawford.

Can't See Video? Click Here

The inside of the glass Garnier bus tour was amazing! The fact that it was all glass was fun in itself, and then there was so much to learn inside on their products and general upcycling & recycling tips.  94% of Garnier's Pure Clean line is biodegradable, so as it washes down your drain you aren't harming the environment as much as you would be with other lines. Even down to the packaging of Garnier's product, you will find something "green" about their lines, from skin care to hair care.

In addition to learning all about Garnier's green products I learned more about Terracycle and their Beauty Brigade Program. The program works by having participants mail their empty beauty containers to Terracycle. Then Terracycle recycles or upcycles the materials into unique products.  But that's not it! For every product you send in, you're awarded 2 Terracycle cents to be donated to a charity of your choice.  Double whammy right? Save the environment, help a charity! And Garnier covers your shipping to Terracycle, so who can really say no to this!? It's very important that we try to recycle in all aspects of our lives why? Well, did you know that beauty products account for 1/3rd of landfill waste? This is a huge amount, so any step we take to decrease this percentage helps! I know I'm guilty of just tossing my products away when empty.  I never focused on the containers. Joining Terracycle's Beauty Brigade Program is a free and easy way for you to do your part to decrease the amount of your items in landfills. And it's just as easy as recycling a soda can.
Garnier provided cupcakes for my guets
They also received decked out goodie bags!
Goodie Bags full of products
Video showing some of the products that Terracycle can turn your empty beauty products into
Guests getting their hair done by Garnier Stylists
Nikki & Amanda intrigued with all the information inside the Greener Bus Tour
Shot from the outside of the glass bus
Yay for cupcakes
Happy after their Garnier Greener Tour!
Taking a picture with my Garnier Stylist after she completed an amazing side braid on me, tied off with a fun Garnier hair-tie
Natalia getting her hair done
Viola! All finished!
I haven't seen this girl in so long! Happy to photo op with LeRenda!
Haven't seen this girl in a long time too! Mandddddiiiiieeee!
LeRenda and Reina finally meeting in person!
Reina and I
Amy and I
Products that the stylist used to do our hair at the tour
Blogger - Model - Blogger :-)
Amy getting her hair done, and Amanda showing off her goodie bag

And the 3 Winners of the Garnier Fructis Goodie Bag Giveaway are as follows:

Congrats Ladies! Check your emails for further information on how to receive your win!
*This sponsored post & giveaway are brought to you by One2One Network for GarnierUSA*

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  1. Yayyyyyyyy, I won. I Just love winning, LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Great event, I am seriously moving to Houston, ya'll ladies have so much fun :)!!

    1. Congrats lady! So awesome that you won! Definitely move over here! Though I still need to come to Atlanta and visit you and Keren!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!! ♥

  3. I wish I could have gone but it was my dad's birthday! I only use garnier to style my hair so i would have totally been all over that if it was another day LOL.
    Congrats girlie :)

    1. Thanks Mara! Yea I'm having fun testing out these products!

  4. Omg!!!!
    I can't believe! Yeeey!!!
    Here I hope to receive the email! Thank you so much! :'DD
    Kisses!!! ♥

    1. Yep I sent it off already! I see you responded! Definitely post and let me know what you think of the products!

  5. Great recap! Thanks again for inviting me to attend. It was good seeing you and my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers. I enjoyed it. :-)

    1. No problem LeRenda! I know it's been forever we really need to have a catch-up time!

  6. YAY!! Sooo excited!! First time winning anything! Looks like a great event...wish I could have come, had such a busy day. Thanks for the giveaway!


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