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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo from Fashion Hangerz Fanpage
T. T. Taylor of Fashion Hangerz presented a Spring Trends fashion show during the Glam Shop Girls Event.  Clothes were from Carrie Ann, shoes by High Heel Junkie, and accessories from Bella Epique. Fashion Hangerz is a recent venture started by T.T. and was created earlier this year.  Intrigued by the instant success of her company, I interviewed the lovely T.T. The company provides different services from event styling & personal shopping, to image consulting and photoshoots.  Their motto is "In order to reach excellence, we must operate in excellence".  For more information on Fashion Hangerz email them at fashionhangerz(at)
Name: T.T. Taylor-Morrison
Age: 25
Occupation: Stylist
Hometown Location: Houston, Tx.
Current Location: Houston, Tx
Site/Blog URL:

T.T. it is a pleasure for me to interview you and feature you on Live Life in Style.  As an up and coming force in the Houston Fashion Industry, my readers will definitely love learning more about you. First please tell us a little about yourself: 
My name is T.T. Taylor and as of 2012 and I am a stylist and business owner. Fashion Hangerz started in 2012 because I have a passion for styling others. I’m 25 years old and some may say I’m too young, or don’t have the proper background to start my company, but through talent, dedication and determination, I will succeed well beyond their expectations. More personally, I’m a newlywed and first lady of Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Victoria, Texas. 
When did you know you wanted to be in Fashion?
I always had a desire to be in the fashion industry but it wasn’t until after college, I realized there was an outlet for my passion, personal styling.

Who was the first person in your life that you styled? (Mom, friend, etc.) and what did you style them for?
The first person I styled was my Mother for my Father’s funeral. Although I didn’t realize it at the time because of the situation, but this was the first time someone allowed me complete control over their style and it sparked something in me. It was then I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.

The name Fashion Hangerz is cute! How did you come up with it?
Fashion Hangerz is a play on words. At Fashion Hangerz, we hang fashion on people. Another way to look at it, ‘Hangers hold fashion’ and in our company, our clients are the hangers holding/showcasing the fashion. 

F.H. is more than just a styling company? Tell us all that FH has to offer
Fashion Hangerz offers a multitude of services, not limited to personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, merchandising, closet’ purging’ services, photoshoot & video productions, runway styling, alterations, and hair and makeup consultations. 

F.H. is a recent venture only starting in January 2012, how are you currently measuring the success of your business and how many people do you have working for you now?
Fashion Hangerz has only been in existence for a few months now, so were still in development stages of planning and determining our short term and long term goals. However, like any new business venture, our main goal is advertise and build a clientele that will help push the company to the next level. If we have one more client than we did yesterday, then our company is moving in the right direction.
The Fashion Hangerz team consists of a stylist, makeup artist, seamstress, hairstylist and a business manager. 

What are your goals for your company?
With our clienteleour goal is to make big changes on the inside while making little changes on the outsideWe try to provide our clients with an additional tool; knowledge. We inform our client that knowledge of fashion and how it personally applies to you is a powerful tool to have. As for the company, we would like Fashion Hangerz to be nationwide by 2014. 

You were the force behind the Spring Trends Fashion Show at GlamShopGirls combining three of my favorites (Carrie Ann, Bella Epique, & High Heel Junkie) into one show. How did this come about?
Azalea McKinney of High Heel Junkie knew of our company from a previous project and she thought it would be a great idea to have a fashion show for her guest. We jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history…

How do you choose pieces for a runway show?
Honestly, it’s whatever speaks to me at that moment. The clothing items I pull are items I can’t live without. If I get the butterflies when I see a piece, then I know for sure it’s an item that has to be on the runway. 
What’s the best thing you love about styling?
I love being able to take random garments and accessories from second hand shops, main retailers and high end boutiques, and mixing them to create a masterpiece. It’s all about creating one cohesive look and styling allows me to visually see my creativity. 

Do you have any advice for my readers that may be thinking of starting their own business in Fashion?
If it’s your passion, stick with it!!! You will receive a lot of ‘no’s” but don’t let that stop you, because you only need one person to say to open that door. Also, believe in your abilities, get someone else to believe in your abilities and the rest is history. 
Where can we find you and Fashion Hangerz?
Our contact information is as follows:
Fashion Hangerz by T.T. Taylor
Phone: (832) 225 – 2067

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  1. Shasie, what a great interview and she is amazing. Fabulous event and thanks for sharing another great post xoxox

  2. I loved the interview and moreover I loved the colours and style of clothing that FH brought! its if only we can get this int he Tdot....I will be checking the FB page out!

    1. Glad you liked it! Yep she may be there sooner than you think!

  3. Great styles
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