THE INTERVIEW: Holly Crawford, Garnier Spokesperson

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

During my meet-up this past Saturday I had the pleasure to chat with Holly Crawford, beauty expert and Houston spokesperson for Garnier USA on the tour and the importance of going green.
So Holly, why is it so important for Garnier to be environmentally friendly? I think it's really important for all companies to be environmentally sound and conscious. Garnier not only represents eco-friendly with their green bottles, but so much of what Garnier does is the "environmentally friendly" kind of green–from natural ingredients to biodegradable packaging. When Garnier realized that so much of the waste that ends up in landfills and oceans (1/3rd) is attributed to beauty packaging, they had to get involved! Partnering with TerraCycle was another way to broaden their eco efforts and help us all reduce our carbon footprint.  The partnership with Terracycle was really the next step and is setting a good example for beauty companies to follow and even major corporations like the Wal-Marts of the world to start following in our footsteps.

Why Wal-Mart? Why did Garnier pick Wal-Mart for the location to have your event today? Wal-Mart is a very important vendor for beauty companies in general. They have such a wide selection and they have so many consumers it seemed like a natural fit.  I know they sell a ton of Garnier...When I shop Garnier, I shop at Wal-Mart for Garnier.

I go to Walmart for tons of stuff, it's great! I Love that they are almost everywhere. So you can never go somewhere and not have a wal-mart...
Exactly, even in small-towns!
Yep if small towns don't' have anything else, they have a Wal-Mart!
Also you can purchase all of your beauty products in one place and it's usually at a good price.

Why did Garnier choose to partner with Terracycle? I know there's a lot of environmentally friendly companies popping up now, so what was it about Terracycle?
Because TerraCycle is as innovative and dedicated to the planet as Garnier, joining forces to create the Beauty Brigade was a no-brainer. Not to mention, TerraCycle works with some of the largest companies in the world to successfully reduce waste worldwide and maintains a reputation for excellence that spans more than a decade! Tom Szaky started it when he was a freshmen at Princeton University. I also feel that it may be the only big motivator in beauty recycling.  Until now it's been a big question mark, even in the beauty industry. Via the reporting that I do, people don't know how to recycle their beauty products. 

That's a true statement there! I'm really horrible with my makeup products. I'm actually really looking forward to learning what I can do to be more environmentally conscious with them instead of just tossing them away. What about the greener bus tour? How did Garnier conceive the idea to do this and go around the country?
It's a smart way to reach a lot of people on a grassroots level and its one-on-one. That's the nice thing about today, is that it's one-on-on. People are able to talk to the Garnier reps and Garnier stylists and really find out how to do the upcycling and recycling. It's one thing to hear about it secondhand, but it's another to get it firsthand. It's also a big clear bus which brings a lot of attention which is very cool! Plus today people are more willing to come in out of the rain, and the subject matter is really touching people.

For my readers who couldn't come out to the tour today, where can they go to to find out how they can "Go Green" with Garnier? 
Well you can do it two ways. You can go to Terracycle's website at or you can go to Garnier at Then sign up for the beauty brigade. The cool thing about the brigade is once you sign up you have a label and box sent to you, paid for by Garnier that you pack all your recyclable beauty containers in and mail it in. This starts an account for you.  In your account you'll receive 2cents back for every item you send in and eventually when you accrue enough "cents" you get to  donate it to your favorite charity.
That's really great! And the fact that you not only get to recycle but support a local charity, and shipping is paid for, who wouldn't want to do that! Last question for you Holly, What do you have in store today for the blogger meetup?  
Oh my gosh, we're going to have so much fun! They'll get to hear all about the garnier greener tour first hand and get to touch, sample, and feel the products and take some home. They can talk to me, the stylists and get a style and have some yummy cupcakes, and bring their products to recycle them! 

Thank you Holly, it was very nice chatting with you! Thank you for your time!

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  1. Cupcakes look good! Nice interview. Congrats on getting this opportunity.

    1. Thanks Vernetta! Missed you there though!


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