THE INTERVIEW: Heidi Dillon, Star of Big Rich Texas & Founder of The Fashionistas

Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Heidi Dillon, Founder of The Fashionistas in Dallas and star on Style Network's Big Rich Texas.  In addition to these roles, Heidi is also a co-founder of Morning Dew Pictures (Los Angeles based television/film production company), wife & mother to Bill & Dallas Dillon.  Whew! Where does she find the time to do all this, and still have time for a day full of interviews? A day full, you ask? Yep, members of HFB dominated Heidi's scheduled today with back to back interviews for our blogs.  Her PR firm approached our group with this delightful opportunity, and of course being fashion bloggers we all jumped at the chance to interview the lovely socialite. She's definitely a role model for me in the time management department and with being the founder of the Fashionistas. An idea that she had 8 years ago has grown into a very successful organization for the city of Dallas and now has nationwide fame via Big Rich Texas. I hope to one day have the same results for Houston Fashion Bloggers.   Here is my interview with Heidi. I realized last minute that it would be easier to record her responses instead of trying to catch it all by hand, so the video cuts in after about 2 questions.  Enjoy!

*None of the photos in the embedded video, or this blog post belong to me.  They have been obtained via google images and The Fashionista's Fanpage on Facebook. If you have any concerns with the use of any of the photos in the slideshow please contact me. I am not using the video for monetary reasons*

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  1. Hey Sahsie I am so glad that you are becoming more and more important! Congrats my dear!

    1. Aww thank you Fran! I appreciate that! :-) I see you are getting bigger over there in Italy with over 2000+ followers!

  2. Congrats on the interview with Heidi! I recognize Heidi from the Big Rich Texas show but I did not know that she had so many businesses. Great Interview!

    1. Right? She's like a jack...err Jill of all Trades! lol


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