THE INTERVIEW - Chris Fiore, President of Henri Bendel

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"If you're in New York, you gotta get to Houston" - Chris Fiore, President of Henri Bendel
During my attendance at the morning press/preview event for Henri Bendel, I was able to snag an interview with the President of the company, Chris Fiore.  Check out what he has to say about the store and their newest location in Houston.

Chris, tell us, what is it about your store that attracts the young fashionista?
I think the complete assortment of fashion accessories, a girls playground. It's a candy store of fashion accessories. Its leather goods, its jewelry, its sparkle, its bling. Its  everything that a bendel girl wants. I don't think you can come in here and not be attracted to buy something. It's hard to say no.
Sure is! As I'm overwhelmed and want to buy everything! Have you always had the other offerings in your store? Home decor,  fragrances and skin care? What did you start off with?
Henri Bendel started in New York 100 years ago and didn't have any Henri Bendel product. It was all other designers' products. One of the things Bendel was known for was the discovery of new talent. We've evolved from the discovery of new talent to the creation of our own product. We started with jewelry, than we went into leather goods and fabric handbags. We've always been a bit of a gift store, and now we are really concentrating on the gift end of the business. With home fragrance, personal fragrance, all kinds of gift items, cosmetic accessories, frames, lacquer trays, jewelry boxes, cool, fun, and sometimes irrelevant stuff.
Right, just very unique pieces
Why Houston? I was just at the Dallas North Park location over the weekend. Why did you choose to come to Houston Galleria?
Well after a long time, we're starting to roll out stores across the country. When any retailer thinks about opening stores in North America. Houston is one of the top 5 markets. So you want to get to Houston. If you're in New york you gotta get to Houston, Miami, Chicago, LA.
That's great I'm glad were on the list as one of the top 5!
What do you have in store for us tonight at the public opening?
Well we've got bubbly, you can certainly get a little glass of champagne. We have a digital photographer that's going to make little animation books. We have a gift with purchase, a special tote, a splurge card (a discount card for your next purchase), so we have a lot of fun going on tonight
For the man in our lives who wants to buy a gift for a special lady. What would you recommend for him in coming in this store looking for a gift?
Well I'd want to find out who's the women that he wants to buy for and what's the reason  for his gift. Is it her birthday, is it valentine's day. Does he want to say I love you, does he want to say I'm sorry?  And then we'll determine what it is. Does she need a scarf, does she want a piece of jewelry. Maybe a candle, maybe it's his mom. Maybe he'd like to buy her one of our 30cents an ounce fragrances.  We've got gifts in the back of the store, jewelry boxes, flip flops, beach wear, cosmetics accessories. You cannot find a gift for the women you're choosing.  
Thank you Chris, Thank you for your time.
Thank you, and thank you for coming!

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  1. Nice interview.

  2. Very nice!!! I love the store here in ATL Lenox Square!!!

    1. Isn't it great? I'm so glad I got to experience it finally!


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