Monday, June 25, 2012

The Houston Galleria Mall welcomed a new store to their impressive ranks this Friday: Henri Bendel New York  For the Fashionista that loves quality accessories this store is for you! And even if your not into fashionable accessories, but need travel luggage & trendy home decor Bendel's has it! Friday morning, I attended the press/preview event before the opening celebration for the public later that night. It was my first time ever entering a Bendel store, and I was definitely filled with overwhelming desire to buy everything in site.  Further pushing my motivation to buy was the VIP card I received that allows me to receive a 20% discount on every Bendel purchase from now through December 2012! Ha! However, common sense kicked in and I purchased items within my budget.
In between perusing the store, mingling with other fashion bloggers, and taking pictures, I was able to interview the President of Bendel's, Chris Fiores.  I will have the breakdown of their collections and the interview with Chris in tomorrow's post.

Currently Bendels-Houston Galleria has silk scarves and will be getting cashmere scarves soon
I can't wait until I get a house. I'm going to have so many candles it's gonna be out of control! The candles in the front tin containers are travel candles.

I'm totally in love with this travel tote, and I want the maroon one in the middle. 

How cute are these home decor pieces? I especially love the piggy banks on the left. Some of my HFB friends were obsessed with the tea cups on the right.

Everything at Bendel's is done with care. From the moment you walk into the store to the time you check out. At check out they wrap or box up your items in Bendel packaging & ribbons.

Loving the stackable bracelets!

How cute are these mirrors?
Of course I bought a candy bar, can you guess which one I purchased?
What I purchased: Bendel 3-Piece Shoe Bags & a candy bar

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  1. gorgeous bags

    1. They are super nice! I want all of them...haha I'm a bit greedy! lol


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