THE EVENT: H&M Press Breakfast

Monday, June 04, 2012

A few weeks ago the PR Firm representing H&M in Houston invited me to attend an exclusive press breakfast the day of the grand opening of the first H&M store in Houston. The breakfast was from 9am to 11am on Thursday May 31st and wrapped up an hour before the ribbon cutting and opening of the store to the public.  Of course I accepted, and was ecstatic. Y'all already know from my blog posts just how MUCH of a fan of H&M I am, and that I've been waiting for H&M's arrival in Houston for a very, VERY long time.  I had already planned to attend the opening, and thought I'd be a part of the long line of people waiting to get in, but with this invitation to the breakfast I was able to enter the store early, shop, and interview Fashion Star's Nicole Christie who is also over communications with H&M.  I will have a separate post on my interview with her.

The food was delicious! But I admit that I didn't touch the food for an hour because I spent my first hour taking pictures and grabbing everything I wanted off of the racks

What's breakfast without Mimosas?

My first purchases...yes I said first. Throughout the duration of the morning I went back up to the cash register 3 times!!  Attendees of the press breakfast were given an extra 25% off H&M's already low and amazing prices, so I couldn't help myself!
H&M Crew arrived in style and in droves! There were tons of employees on hand.  I love that even though they were all wearing the same shirt, they were still able to incorporate their own person style into their wardrobes! 

Preparing the Ribbon for Cutting
Shopping with Fox 26 News Reporter Natalie (Why are my hands already full?? lol)

H&M Crew receiving pep talks from Store Managers.  

After pep talk, H&M Staff heads out to entertain the over 700+ people waiting in line to enter the store!

Patiently and Anxiously waiting H&M's opening

DJ getting the crowd amped!
With Joy Sewing of the Houston Chronicle

The line to get in kept going round and round the mall!

DJ Ill-Set taking over for the opening 
Make sure the store manager has the scissors!

All Houston Media Outlets were on site

With DJ Ill-Set

WIth Houston Fashion Week Creator and Fashion Photographer: Victor Quinteros

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  1. I remember seeing your photos on Istagram girl and I need to hang out with you or find out what to do to be invited in such fab events. This is amazing and the food looks delish.

    <3 Marina

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    1. Amazing giveaway girlie! Sure we can chat about it. I don't really know what I did besides started to make a name for myself in Houston, so I guess I come up when people search Houston Fashion Bloggers :-)

  2. So many excited people! Beautiful crowd and love all your pictures. The food looks delicious and I love all the things you bought for yourself :)

    Heel in Mint

    1. Teehee, yep there will definitely be a "haul" post!


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