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Friday, May 04, 2012

Houston Fashion Bloggers (L to R): Katy (Sugarlaws), Bethany (Southern Chic Style), Monica (Classy & Fabulous), Magen (MMMStyle), Veronika (Veronika's Blushing), & I
A few Sundays ago I had the pleasure of dining with several lovely Houston Fashion Bloggers at Backstreet Cafe. I've always driven by this location, but never knew this house-esque restaurant was there! I'm glad I discovered it through the brunch! I met with the lovely ladies above. Missing from photo Leigh Evans of Girl Around Town, who had to leave early before we took our group picture!

Top: Buffalo Exchange?? (Not Sure!)
Texas Tank: Mall Vendor
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Sandals: Random store in Vegas
Fascinator Headband: SwapLulu's Texas Style Conference
Watch: New York & Company

This mesh "muscle" shirt is one of my fav tops for the summer. I purchased it last year but it's so versatile! I can wear it with shorts, over bathing suits, with jeans, skirts, etc! And it's holey so my body can breathe in it in this Houston heat!! I used to hate these sandals. They were purchased on my 3rd night in Vegas when my feet couldn't take going around that city for one more night in a pair of heels. My best friend and I stopped at this random boutique in the basement of our hotel and purchased these cheapies. Being cheap is not the problem, but I thought they just "looked" cheap...but over the years they have grown on me and I haven't had the heart to throw them away and I think they go well with this outfit!


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