WE LOVE WOOL: World's Longest Social Scarf Campaign

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We Love Wool asked me to participate in their Wrapped in Merino World Record Campaign.  They are attempting to create a new world record for the world's longest social scarf featuring Merino wool! You may be asking why Merino? Merino is a unique fiber loved by fashion & apparel designers for it's quality and versatility.  And who better to celebrate this fabric than We Love Wool? We Love Wool was created last June by the Woolmark Company to connect wool lovers around the globe.  From consumers to  retailers to designers, We Love Wool is an ever-growing community recently reaching 100,000 likes on facebook! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to www.wrappedinmerino.com and join in on this virtual world record!

Here's the one I created! You can search for me by my name on the scarf gallery page
Do you like the scarf I created? I was able to create my scarf during a private pre-launch of the site so I was one of the first 100 people on the scarf. As you can see their goal is to reach 2000!

In addition to just being a part of this really cool campaign, by creating a scarf you are entered to win a Merino prize pack every week which includes a Net-A-Porter voucher and a merino scarf.  Once created you can share your look on pinterest, facebook, & twitter! :-)

You can learn more about We Love Wool, & the Merino Campaign on the following sites
We Love Wool Facebook - www.facebook.com/welovewool
We Love Wool Website - http://bit.ly/Findfashionbyfeelings
Twitter - www.twitter.com/welovewool
Youtube - www.youtube.com/woolmarkonline
Merino - www.merino.com
WoolMark Facebook - www.facebook.com/woolmark

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