The EVENT: Sheckys Girls Night Out

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In my previous post I blogged about attending Shecky's Girls Night Out! The last time I attended this event it was back in the Fall of 2009. Not sure why I haven't been back since...I think I just kept missing when it was in town, but I was able to catch it this time around! I attended the Thursday evening date as it's a two day event.  Shecky's was held at Post Rice Lofts downtown. I love the ambience of Post Rice inside and out!

First thing I did after registering was take my photo!

Then I headed to pick up my Goodie Bag

Entering into the event space

What's shopping without a complimentary cocktail!

Anything to sell a drink right?

Complimentary Massages

Overall room shot

Waiting to Enter my Cointreau Mixology Class

I'm a Margarita G now!

Cloud Nine was there doing hair treatments! They styled Kate Middleton's hair for the Royal Wedding!

Cloud Nine's technology is off the chain! You place the rollers in the O and they warm up and then you put them in your hair and they get even warmer curled with your hair. When the red light on the end of them turns black then you know the rollers are ready to come out of your hair.  The best thing about Cloud Nine is that all their products are "low heat" but gives you the same affect as a Chi or Hana iron. You can even use their products on synthetic hair like wigs and weaves!

I really liked this girls bag! It's so chic! She said she got it from Steinmart

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  1. I want ot got o an event like this! anything with a goody bag and alcohol is a winner in my books!

    1. Right? How can one possibly go wrong with those 2! haha

  2. This looked like a lot of fun! I sure hate that I missed it!



  3. Ahh man, you always go to the best events!! Cocktails and goodybags!! SO jealous!

    Sadie xx

    1. Yea, Houston has been having some great stuff lately!

  4. You were posting some of the photos on InstaGram and I remember thinking and wishing I was there because it look like you were having so much fun. Thx for sharing doll.

    <3 Marina

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