Work Your Wardrobe: 5 Items, 5 Usages

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Fourth Guest Blogger for you is Nikiage Washington of NW Style & Co.  Nikki has become a fast blogger friend of mine through Houston Fashion Bloggers. She is our Events & Activities Chair. Enjoy!

Times are hard for some of us Fashionistas these days. So instead of reading magazines that show you the newest trends or must-have bags, look into your own personal store (closet) for inspiration on how you can make your wardrobe work double time for you and your pockets. Whenever I’m in a fashion rut, I challenge myself with five items from my closet to create five outfits with. Only one rule for the challenge: I can only add  handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Here are the 5 items I decided to challenge myself with:
Untitled #25

All of the items I picked are versatile and interchangeable, here are the looks I created with my five items:
Untitled #26
Go for a casual look with the simple jean, t-shirt, and cardigan combination, just add some animal print and color in your shoes and handbag to make your outfit look effortless but stylish.
Untitled #27
Wear the maxi skirt as a dress and add a colorful blazer for a dressy casual look. Add a wrap-around belt if you want to give your body a more proportioned look. I choose the wedges in a neutral color like grey to keep the focus on the upper portion of the outfit.
Untitled #28

For another casual outfit, try pairing a solid v—neck tee with the maxi skirt and sandals to walk around comfortably in fashion. To add a little spice to the outfit, add a neutral jeweled statement necklace and bag for the finishing touches.
Untitled #29

Need a date night outfit? Wear the maxi skirt as a nice flowing dress, add a pair of stilettos, a colorful clutch and necklace and you have an evening look to take a double look at.
Untitled #30

Need an outfit for a Girl’s Night Out, pair some skinny jeans with a basic tee and colorful blazer. Add a color block clutch and a pair of to die for pumps and enjoy any type of night out on the town.Make your wardrobe work for you in more ways than one! Fashion is fun, so just add a challenge to your wardrobe.
~NW Style

You can find Nikki and her blog on the following sites!
Twitter: @NWStyleCo

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  1. cool post dear!!!!!

  2. Cute Niki but you no tops in some of the looks. lol. j/k. I really like how you put your looks together.

    1. Thanks WomenAreGamechangers!! Making your wardrobe work can enhance your creative side and save you money!

  3. Thanks Niki. This gives me some ideas on how I can use some old pieces in my closet. Great post!

    1. Glad I could spark that lightbulb of fashion!! Recreate those old pieces!

  4. I loooove the shoes in outfit 5. Im obsessed with tiffany blue this season idk why.

    1. Thanks M3llo Yellow!! I'm loving that color as well!

  5. I loved these outfits! I would wear every last one of them!

  6. Great outfit stylings Nikki and amazing post!


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