WHAT I WORE: Gilt at ZaZa

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Imani came over to my house right before I headed to the Gilt Groupe ZaZa event and she saw me struggling to put together a flattering outfit. As I seem to struggle more at this size with less options.  I picked out the top and the necklace and she did the jeans, blazer and shoes.  Together we put together one fab ensemble if I must say so myself! I'm also wearing my new Giorgio Armani Makeup, that their New York PR rep sent to me to try out! Though I'm not a beauty/makeup blogger, I do like to wear makeup, and it's always fun to try out new product lines! I will do another post on the products they sent me later this week :-).

Blazer: New York & Company
Top: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: DuO
Jeans: Old Navy Trousers
Heels: Bumper

You may have noticed when you visit my blog that I change my hair a lot! And no, I'm not dying it or getting a new weave every other day, because some of them have definitely been "repeats". I actually wear wigs! In facts it's become so much fun to me to change my hair up all the time, that I sometimes forget to just wear my natural hair every now and again. I think one's hair style is every bit important to an outfit as what you are wearing.  I can actually wear the same outfit twice and just change my hair and it can look brand new! This is a new wig C/O Mari Ari Hair Supply.  When it comes to buying wigs you have to be careful. Don't go out and buy Halloween Quality wigs because they don't look natural. Almost every where I go in my wigs from Mari Ari, most people think it's natural, unless they just saw me the day before with another look! haha.  I'd say spending between $39.99 and $49.99 for a synthetic wig is pretty good. I do not buy lace-front of any of that other craziness! I need my hairstyles to be quick and easy! You'll want to keep you the maintenance on your wigs, so be sure to buy wig stands and wig spray.

Tell me how you would have styled this top?


So what made me choose a blonde wig? Have you ever heard of InStyle Magazine? They have an online Hollywood Makeover Tool that's super fun! You just upload a picture of yourself and you can try on all types of hairstyles, change the hair colors, apply makeup, give yourself eyelashes, etc. I could spend hours on that site! The results are pretty realistic too! At one point I tested out a blonde hairstyle by Reese Witherspoon and posted it on Facebook and received a bunch of likes, so I decided to go for the blonde affect in real life! I've always kind of snickered at African American's who went blonde because clearly it's not natural for our genetics, but whatdayaknow hear I am sporting blonde and I think I can pull it off! What do you guys think?

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  1. Hi Shasie!
    How are you? I think that you have styled perfect the top for the event. I like blond hair for you.


    1. Hey girl! How are you? Long time right? I've been so crazy busy that I haven't been able to go around and visit my blogger friends! I'm really liking the blonde hair too...super fun!
      *Hugs* back

  2. The necklace is my favorite part! And the blond wig- very sassy & fun!

    1. Thanks Alexis! yea I've been wearing this necklace like crazy lately! I love the turquoise color!

  3. Cool Outfit dear
    i love your necklace!!!
    keep on and best to you

  4. I told you this before, but I love the blonde wig! You look great and you and your friend did a great job styling your outfit. I love the graphic top, the wide leg jeans and that amazing necklace! The blazer polishes it off nicely!

    1. Yea she's good! She definitely has a future in styling! Thanks Robin, I'm loving this hair color too!

  5. I invite you to my first GIVEAWAY-you can win a shiny dress,if you want to participate you can find more details on my blog. Kisses!

  6. You look great and love this hair too! Like how you always mix it up!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. I am always so jealous of how you change up your hair, I'm glad you changed your mind about trying blonde cos this really suits you. I had a 'winge' wig fringe for my bday last month but haven't ventured out of the house in it yet!

    I love your outfit and agree you both came up trumps. I avoid jeans at the moment (well, for a couple of years now, argh) cos I need to sort out my legs, so I would have worn the kind of 'fitted harem' pants with this top and some high heels. :)

    Sadie xx

    1. Ooooooh i want to see it! Wigs are so much fun! You can change your look without damaging your hair, and test out potential cuts, colors, & styles before you get them done. Girl why are you avoiding jeans? lol

  8. The outfit turned out great!!!! So cute!! Where's Nemo? Lol!

    -Faith Seeker

    1. teehee, nemo will be featured on my Giorgio Armani Makeup post :-)

  9. You are adorable! Love the blond wig, and thanks for the shoutout!

    1. No problem! I'll let you know when I have the full makeup post up


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