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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aww, we have arrived to the end of the guest blogging series on my blog, but don't fret! I liked this so much I think I'll do it again in the near future! Your last guest blogger is Tina Cannon Dixon of The Chronicles of Jaded Kisses. Tina is new to blogging, so let's show her some bloggy love & support! 
Last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend Wolfon Wear's Fashion Week in a Day" Fashion Show. I had a great time, and as I styled my look to go show, I stopped for a few quick pictures (as always... never to shy for the camera). As you can tell I'm wear my hair natural. Natural hair requires maintainence like most females so I gave my fro a name: Domnique. I dyed Dominique with Textures n Tones Reddish Orange and this was the result... Go figure! Either way, I am really enjoying my "new for the summer" color. 

RANDOM!!! Does anyone remember R. Kelly's song,”Summer Bunny”? Am I showing my age with that one? Ooops... I just like the song. It's totally a THROWBACK but cool to listen to while I untwist my hair. As far as my makeup goes, I wanted to wear a smokey eye. Dunno if I am in love with the final look or not? I felt as if I was a stand in for batgirl! Hmmm whaddaya think?

P.S. Remind me never to allow my children or my husband to snap anymore pictures.  They always catch me off guard fussing, with my mouth WIDE open or suing something that makes the pictures look.... hmmm to say the least. AWKWARD FAIL!!
My WTHECK face
  • Mary Kay Concealer Bronze 2
  • Mary Kay Foundation  Bronze 600
  • MAC Bamboon Paint, MAC  Steamy eyesahdow
  • NYX 929 Moss eyeliner
  • Mac lipglass in an unknown color, 
  • Maybellline Great Lash mascara
  • Bare Minerals Black Eyeliner
  • Benefit Browzing eyebrow kit in Dark 
  • Smokey grey eyeshadow with no name on it, the #280

I ended up blending 3 lip glosses together to achieve the pink:
  • Ruby Kisses Staining Mood Gloss SLG01 Kiss Me Without A Trace
  • Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing and 
  • Lilac colored MAC lipglass,  whose name no longer is visible.

All in all... I had a great time putting this look together and even better time at the event!

Tina Dixon is a local fashion designer/stylist. When she isn't designing garments, she spends her free time blogging about her adventures in makeup, food, natural hair, and fashion. Her hobbies include thrifting, traveling, designing, exploring different cultural cuisines and writing articles for Fashionably Houston as a Fashion Reporter.

You can find Tina and her blog on the following sites:
Pinterest: Jadedkisses

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  1. cOOL POST
    I LOVE her OUTFIT and make up

    1. Isn't it lovely. I love the remix on the smokey eye!

    2. Thank you guys.. I had such a blast just playing in makeup!!

  2. lovely make up!!!!!!

  3. Thank you ladies. I appreciate the love.

  4. Great job Tina!! Loved this post!


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