Simon Fashion Now Runway Looks & The Style Expert Behind Them

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Special Events for Corporate Marketing at Simon, I'd say Jacque Ellis knows a thing or 2 about Simon Fashion Now (SFN).  Since 2008 she has served as the SFN Style Expert and was one of the creative minds behind this worldwide tour.  During cocktail hour, we were able to do a quick Q&A session with Jacque before the start of the show.

Jacque Ellis and I
Question: What are your favorite trend(s) for spring?
Jacque:I love color, especially the oranges & tangerines, color denim, & floral print.  Everyone is wearing tangerine whether its in the clothes, or just a pop of the color
Question:   How should people interpret the trends? 
Jacque:It's important to know that every trend is not for everyone.  Wear what works for you.
Question: What's the main goal of Simon Fashion Now? 
Jacque: Fashion weeks shows garments that aren't available until the next season, we wanted to focus on clothes that were available in stores today, and that you could go and buy now and at all price points.
Question: Where do you get the inspiration for the runway looks?
Jacque: Inspiration from our shoppers. I travel from region to region and see great style everywhere.
The idea behind Simon Fashion now came from the success of their grand opening events at different Simon properties around the country.  Simon decided to take the event national, and Simon Fashion Now was conceived in 2008.  Jacque helped the program evolve to make their runway looks relevant to the everyday fashionista.
Jacque is a busy woman.  As the style expert of Simon Fashion Now she hosts the Ready, Set, Style segment of the event, teaching shoppers how to take their closet staples and make them their own. While adding a personal detail to an ensemble shoppers can display current trends, but also make them unique.

From behind-the-scenes to on stage at Simon Fashion Now, Jacqué possesses the ability to connect with shoppers whether they are seeking value or luxury. Jacque believes fashion is for everyone and works hard to develop a relatable product for shoppers of every generation and consumer group.

 See all my pictures from the Fashion Show Below to the tune of "Trust A Try" by Janet Jackson

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  1. Those pink ombre jeans and that white dress with the mesh cutouts were certainly among my faces! Great interview and post!

    1. Yea I loved those too! I was most impressed with all the cute dresses! I'm obsessed with dresses! Thank you!

  2. wow this looked like a beautiful fashion show, loved that dress in the first picture, its gorgeous!


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