Simon Fashion Now Cocktail Hour

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cadillac Gals, Lynne Gabriel and I having fun on the Spring Carpet
Today's post is all about the fun my friends and I had at the cocktail hour before the fashion show. Lynne, (pictured above with me), was the other Houston Fashion Blogger to receive a Cadillac. So of course we had to take a pic together being the Cadillac girls. Everyone thought it was so funny how I matched the Spring-colored carpet, so I definitely took a bunch of pictures in this general area.
YooMi, Imani, Valerie, & Nikki
YooMi, with Cadillac, led us to the event space.  On our way I snapped the below picture of the event space from above. It looked so pristine and pretty, and I couldn't wait to enter! 
View of the runway and cocktail area from above
Awesome cool chairs
Checking in none other than Sydney & Chloe Dao

Then Kuriko, with Cadillac, let us down the Spring Colored Carpet and at first all I saw was the DJ above the huge Cadillac sign....but then, upon clearing the drapery...
BAM! Full cocktail service on either side. That was so hot!
Taking a pic in front of the Cadillac Emblem
We spent a lot of the cocktail hour sipping on yummy drinks, eating dumplings from Gigi's and taking lots and lots of pictures! Haha, we are bloggers after-all what do you expect? YooMi and Kuriko arranged for us to chat with Jacque Ellis Bio at 8:30 on her vision for Simon Fashion Now.  It was great to talk to one of the creative minds behind the event. Tomorrow's post will feature our chat with Jacque and more background on Simon Fashion Now

WIth my girls! Lynne & Monica
My first time having a place card for myself on the seat in the front row of a Fashion Show! Hopefully it won't be the last!

Kuriko, Me, YooMi, & Lynne

Houston Fashion Bloggers taking over!

I met both of these lovely twins at the Blogger Preview Event last week. One works for Simon's PR Firm, and the other is a manager at White House|Black Market. They are super cute!
Listening intently to what Jacque had to say
Meeting Jacque Ellis,  Assistant Vice President of Corporate Special Events for Corporate Marketing at Simon Property Group, one of the creative minds behind Simon Fashion Now

Ready for the show to start! Stay tuned for more posts on this amazing event!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous girl! A lovely night had by all and definitely a big thanks to Cadillac and Simon Fashion for putting on such a wonderful event!!! Everything was perfect and you captured it perfectly with your pics! Hoping for more fashion shows very soon so we can do it all over again! :)
    Love Monica xo

    1. You're welcome! It was a completely amazing night! I'm glad you like the pictures! :-)

  2. You guys looks soooo pretty. Sounds like it was a fun time :) Def will enter the giveaway

  3. Replies
    1. Teehee! Bloggers showin up and showin out :-)

  4. WOW! There are so many opportunities for bloggers in US. This sounds so much fun!


    1. Yea! Well at least here in Houston. People are recognizing what a force bloggers can be! :-)

  5. You take such great pictures, and do awesome event recaps! Lovely post Shasie!!

    1. Thanks Rocquelle! I'm glad you like my event posts! I have fun doing them!

  6. I'm so very proud of you, dear. Your fashion posts are just lovely and so well done. You make me want to cry when I look at how beautiful you look in the pictures and how far you've come with this new venture. Love you much!!


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