Qwashae Boutique Masquerade Fashion Show

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The first time I heard of Qwashae Boutique was the beginning of this year.  Somehow I ended up on their email distribution list, and I'm glad I did because this boutique is fabulous! Though it's a tad far from where I live in Houston, I would gladly make the trip to Pearland for their great clothes,prices, and variety in sizes.  The boutique carries clothes thru size 18.  My first visit to their boutique was a back in March when I covered their Whitney Houston Dress Exhibit for FashionablyHouston. I also worked with their intern Tamara of Malibu Mara to offer a giveaway to their April 14th Masquerade Fashion Show.  Today's post features looks from their Fashion show on the 14th. Unfortunately I left my camera battery at home and had to take all my shots with my iphone...oh well, you win some, you lose some! It was definitely a windy, blustery day for the fashion show, but it led to some pretty cool shots! I had to take my pictures after they were on the runway because my iphone doesn't have flash and the runway area was too dark :-)










After-party inside Qwashae Boutique

Enjoy this Video Slideshow of all the looks from the Runway to the tune of "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely" by Ricky Martin

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  1. looks like a great event! love the dresses especially the leopard ones!


    1. I know! I'm so crazy about cute dresses, and I want almost every one of these!

  2. I'm so loving all the piccys you are putting of the shows :) keep'em coming gal!!!
    really happy to see such lovely wearable fshion :)

    1. Yay! Glad you like! It's fun to change it up on the blog every now and then!

  3. SOme are so amazing! I think my favourite is the first picture ...the dress is so flowy and spring like.

  4. I wish could of been there it looks like such a fab/fun event!!! LOVE the theme so much.

    <3 Marina

    1. Thanks Mom! I loved like every single outfit!

    2. @Marina-I know, that was so cool with the masks, and every outfit I was like...want it, need it, buying it! hahaha


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