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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Imani Talib of Faith Seeker's Red Carpet is more than just a member of Houston Fashion Bloggers as she mentions below, she's the Press & Public Relations Chair.  We have become fast friends through the blogging world. What can this girl not do?

My name is Imani Talib a.k.a Faith Seeker and I'd like to give you a snippet of my inspiration for the summer! Before I do this, here's a bit about me... I am owner of Fashion by Faith Seeker an online boutique that exhibits pieces which are created from the minds of those who are inspired by life itself, things that turn heads, & the instances which make us think twice. In addition to Fashion by Faith Seeker I created "Faith Seeker's Red Carpet" which spotlights Avant-Garde looks & "Time to Carpe Diem" for the stylish business man. I'm also a member of the Houston Fashion Bloggers.(Yay!) Aside from fashion I'm a college student and co-founder of N.W.B.O.C. Outreach Ministry.

I do many things but what I love is to live and breathe Fashion, so I have created a collage to share a few inspirational pieces that will get you ready for summer! A couple of my favorite trends for summer are sheer fabric pieces and pops of orange. I decided to add lots of orange to my inspiration board and also pops of color. This summer lets be BOLD!!!! Take the pieces below and allow them to inspire your summer looks or mix and match the exact pieces posted below for your summer look (Each item is listed below the photo). A few of the pieces below when paired can take your look from day to night by just the change of a shoe. Oh, and By the way who says you can't wear black in the summer? :-) Just don't wear too much. (You may melt. Lol!)

The Mind of Faith Seeker

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  1. Great set Sashie, love every single selections! Is like craving "starburst" lol ;)

    1. Hey girlie, just making sure that you knew my blogger friend Imani did these sets, but they are lovely aren't they?

  2. Lovely post Imani! Inspiring! I'm sure my readers enjoyed!


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