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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm taking a little blogging hiatus/vacation this week, but definitely wanted to keep all of you entertained with amazing posts. So I have asked 7 members of Houston Fashion Bloggers to guest blog this week! Your first guest blog post is brought to you by the lovely Vernetta Freeney of Women Are Gamechangers! Vernetta is no stranger to Live Life in Style, being featured on my Fan Feature Friday Series Here.  Enjoy!

Everyday seems to create a new style or trend that we must buy into or we aren’t considered fashionistas. Well that is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Your style is about you. Your style describes the type of person you are without saying a word. It is the world’s window into the person you are. Your style is an extension of your personality. 

I joined the Houston Fashion Bloggers meet up group and I'm amazed by the other ladies in the group. All of their styles are so unique and distinct. It made me think about my own personal style. That lasted for a second. I love how I dress. I am comfortable with the way I present myself in public. If my curls are cute, that’s all that matters to me. Lol. I do not feel inclined to dress like them. I admire their styles but that’s their styles, not mine. 


My personal style is relaxing. That is the way I have decided to live my life now. I choose to be cute yet comfortable. Stylish yet distinct. When you look at me you usually see jeans and a nice top maybe a pair of my killer boots. I also love a simple, comfortable dress. But that’s just me. I live for comfort. What my style says is I can walk into a room confidently looking comfortable yet have no problem walking around with my femininity on display.  
On the other hand, I can dress up. When I choose to dress up, I own it. My style is enticing but elegant. I want to be able to move around the room and interact with people while also turning a few heads.Being comfortable in your style is not easy. It’s not easy when the media depicts the way a woman should look. Well I’m here to say, that the sexiest attribute on a woman is her smile. And how can you smile if you are not comfortable in your own style? 
Vernetta R Freeney is the Editor in Chief of This blog is dedicated to spotlighting a positive image of the everyday woman. She is also the owner of Women Are Gamechangers LLC. It is a social media marketing and networking event company. We strive to help women-owned businesses grow into what they are meant to be. You can find her attending events throughout the Houston area and online 6 days a week on: (I’m off every Sunday, even God took a break!) 

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