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When I began to seriously network with other Houston bloggers back in January, I met Lauren W of The Mod Social on twitter.  She let me know about this event that was coming up in March in Austin called the Texas Style Council.  I had never heard of this conference, and was highly intrigued so I went to their website and decided for $45.00 it was worth it to go!  Lauren was already going so we decided to road-trip it and split costs, etc.  So Friday afternoon we packed up my car and headed to Austin (About a ~3hr drive from Houston...not too bad).  The first event was at 4pm for any bloggers who were traveling to the event alone so they could network with others. That's such a cute idea and really helps when you don't know anyone else!  Since we had each other for support, Lauren and I were aiming to arrive in time for the Swap.com & Lulus.com Swap Party at 6pm.  Needless to say with the heavy downpour of rain, checking into our "Creepy, only thing available in Austin because it's SXSW weekend" Motel 6, changing and driving through rush hour, we made it to the swap party around 7:30 or later? Haha.

Lauren of The Mod Social and I
This was my first swap event ever! Swapping seems to be very popular nowadays amongst bloggers right up there with thrifting, and I can see why! You know that age old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure.."? Well that's so true!  Basically if you RSVP'd to attend the Swap Party, you had to bring 2 items from your closet that you wanted to give up.  I actually went with 3, but only took 2 to the party.  Then at the party you identified your items so that whoever picked them up knew which blogger had them originally and then you perused the racks for 2 things to exchange with yours. 

These are the three items that I took on the trip with me to swap. Which 2 do you think I gave up?
  I traded the skirt and the dress, and have listed the shoes on swap.com here if you are interested in swapping for them! In return, here are the 2 items I swapped them for:
These blue & green iridescent peep-toe Marc Fisher pumps from TT of Musings of L. Michelle blog
And these adorable headbands from Erin of Little E blog

Not only did you get to swap your 2 items for 2 "new-to-you" items, but you also received a free item from the Lulus' rack. I ended up grabbing this cute black & white summer dress from Amy of The Swapaholics off of their rack which wasn't a lulus' item, but I wanted this more! haha!
Melissa of The Swapaholics Blog and I

There was a professional photographer there to take our pictures at the SWAP event

The very nice registration gals, who helped Indiana of Adore Austin and the founder of the Texas Style Council put on this event

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  1. The event looks like so much fun!!!!! (And I am really loving your photos!)

    1. Thanks Alexis! Yea I think I had more fun taking photos of everything than being there! buahahaha, nah jk, but it was great to capture amazing shots with C3

  2. It seems that you really had a great time and i love the style you have chosen for this event! You look so much in the 70s mood!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Yea that scarf was my saving grace since it pretty much rained the whole weekend! But I like the 70s vibe that it adds also!

  3. Totally love these photos! It seems you had a great time there! :3

    Fashion On Sofa

    1. Thanks Greta! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I had such a great time! Can't wait for next year!

  4. interesting this swap event, i never did since now!

    1. I know right! Who knew how much fun they could be!

  5. This looks so awesome!!! There needs to be something like this in LA. I'm surprised there isn't!

    1. Yea me too! I'm sure they probably have something. Start by looking up events via Swap.com, and if they don't have a blogger event like this, y'all should definitely start one!


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