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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Monday night I attended the Metamorphosis Women's Conference's  kick-off event at Melodrama Boutique, titled "Metamorphosis Monday".  The conference, which started in 2000 and is now in it's 11th year of success was created by Pastor Mia Wright to deeply impact, inspire, & transform women in all aspects of their lives. Pastor wright is a client at Melodrama Boutique and suggested that the store owner Jackie Adams host the "Meta-Monday" event at her shop! 2012 will mark the 2nd year that Melodrama has hosted this event.  I was able to chat with both Jackie Adams & Mia Wright to find out more about their initiatives.
Melodrama Boutique Owner Jackie Adams, & Pastor Mia Wright, founder of The Metamorphosis Conference

Me: Jackie, what inspired you to open up a boutique in Houston?
Jackie: My love of fashion and the desire to see the fashion in Houston go to the next level.  Houston has a lot of malls and shopping centers and I wanted to branch away from that. The conservatism in Texas hits all markets even fashion. I wanted to show ladies that it's okay to be independent and think outside the box with their fashions.

Me: Tell us more about your company's catchphrase: "Image & Style Compliment the Moment"
Jackie: The one statement I hate the most that ladies make to me is "Don't Look at Me", in the context of what they are wearing at the time.  Well don't wait until you have to make that statement...something inside of you told you you shouldn't be wearing this before you walked outside the house, right? You're brand is you, so dress the part, no matter what your career is. If you start a discussion with someone with "Don't Look at Me" that could be a lost bid or sale.  We also do a lot of stuff in the community, we're a "Fashion Meets Community Outreach" Boutique

Me: How do you go about choosing the items you sell at your boutique?

Jackie: Trendsetting and forecasting with magazines and websites. I also use my own gut when deciding what to offer in my store.

Me:  Tell us about the "Meta-Monday" themes?
Jackie: Last year was the first Meta-Monday event and the theme was professional models. This year we decided we wanted to give back to all the ladies that do work in their communities by offering ambush makeovers. And not makeovers because we think they look a certain way, but as a gift.

Me: Thank you Jackie, I know you are busy right now working on the first two makeovers! Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed
Jackie: You're Welcome!

I very much enjoyed my chat with Mia Wright, you can just tell by the way she lights up a room that this lady is inspiring, and it's not just because of her gorgeous blonde locks. She just radiates a warm personality and is really passionate about what she does. I really wish I was able to attend the conference this week, but unfortunately do to other previously scheduled events I cannot make it.

Me: What was the inspiration behind the Metamorphosis Women's Conference?
Pastor Wright: In my work, I was finding that women were doing a lot of repetitive things, searching for different things, basically stuck in a rut.  These women didn't know how to make changes in their lives, and some didn't even know they were stuck.  They needed not just a spiritual change, but a practical change.

Me: Can you further explain what you mean by practical change?
Pastor Wright: They need assistance in other aspects of their lives that the church may not deal with from sexuality to health to careers. The practicality is incorporated into the conference through our empowerment portion of the conference.  We have seminars that connect outside resources to these women, such as career development and making applications within their jobs. We have health seminars which connect The Sisters Network to help women become more aware of their breast health and more.

Me: Thank you Mia, I love the idea of an all encompassing conference, so how is the spiritual portion incorporated?
Pastor Wright:  This is done through the worship service and the keynote speakers we bring in to talk to the girls. We've had some very high-profile, heavy hitter speakers in the past. Women are inspired to make a change, they get that spark.  Something has to happen inside a woman for her to see change, and to see that you can do it. They REALLY can do it! God has an intentional purpose for each one of us, and if you pursue with passion you'll find it.

Me: How do you relate "Meta-Monday" to your overall conference goals?
Pastor Wright: When you dress, a simple accessory can change the outcome of a dress, just with that small adder. It's the same thing with our lives, if you just make a small, simple adjustment within yourself you can see great change.

Me: Is there anything else you would like to add for my readers?
Pastor Wright: Yes! We have an international conference planned for this year in Brazil and one in South Africa in 2013.The message that we present here in Houston is the same message to women globally. We want to inspire women to become leaders in their communities, because at the end of the day Metamorphosis is really about change.

Me: Thank you so much Pastor Wright for taking the time to interview with me. I don't want to keep you too long from the wonderful event!
Pastor Wright: You're Welcome! I'll be sure to check out your blog

The event at Melodrama was put on my Alexis Jones & Ashley Small of Medley, Inc. PR Firm. Don't they just look super chic?

I loved this cute orange and blue polka dot number on this attendee at the event!

Further cute styles from the ladies attending the event. Tamara Floyd (middle) is a Natural Hair Blogger in Houston with the site www.naturalhairrules.com
The weather was so nice on Monday, that some of the guests mingled outside!

Unique fitting rooms at Melodrama

Gift Bags for the recipients of the Ambush Makeover
The lady standing on the far left was the first recipient of a makeover for her work on collecting prom dresses for girls in the community. As of Monday her organization had collected 325 dresses

Yummy treats and punch

I love the theme of butterflies put up for metamorphosis, from a caterpillar to a butterfly, you can change!

How fab is this necklace?

Current pieces for sale at Melodrama

If you're ever in Houston, stop by Melodrama boutique at 5306 Almeda Road
For more information on the Metamorphosis Conference, Melodrama Boutique, & Medley, Inc., check out the sites listed below:

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  1. I love finding out about women empowerment initiatives. I want to do something similar in my home town and reading about this has given me some great ideas. Thanks Shasie:)

  2. looks like a fun event! i see yOU will be at TxSC too! -vlb http://vany212.com

    1. Yea! I'm excited to be there, hopefully we can meet each other!


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